Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hulog ng SK-Y

I am the luckiest girl in the world! Not only am I marrying the love of my life, I have the sweetest in-laws to boot!

Uncle arrived yesterday from Vancouver for his month-long vacation. Lorr and I picked him up from the airport last night. When he was finally settled in the car, and after ranting about the uncomfortable plane ride, he said that he was supposed to get me S-K-Y at the Hongkong airport, but didn't know which product I needed. He tried calling me but his cellphone wasn't working there.

I got buzzed there for a minute. Then he said he also couldn't find the product that Auntie wanted. Awww, then I realized he meant to get me SK-II...

Its the thought that counts Uncle Henry! A million thanks!!!


LegallyChef said...

ayay! ang cute ng feeling "italian playboy" natin! haha

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came across your blog on google. Sounds like we have fashion and Vancouver in common. I just thought you might be interested in Hale Bob, the new line that will be featured in your local fashion magazines soon. It's being sold by Periodou, the company that is distributing it and you can contact Hayley at 373-1188 to find out when their next event will be.

cd_mfo said...

Hey Lorr! Actually, I'm inspired to write a post nga about our "Italian Playboy", the original metrosexual!

Hi Henzie! Glad to "meet" you! Thanks for the tip!!!

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