Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yoga-tta Get These!

I am officially hooked on Bikram Yoga. I love the feeling of sweating out on my clothes till no inch is left dry. I love the feeling of my heart thumping until it feels like its going to explode. I love stretching out and feeling the pain of exertion. I love the feeling of anticipation when I can eventually stretch beyond my limits. I even love being nauseaous and pukey, stopping to take deep breaths, and jumping back in. I love the feeling of the cool breeze lightly touching my skin when the windows are finally opened while I am in my corpse pose. I love stepping out of the studio and not feeling tired after an intense 1.5 hour session.

Is it weird when you feel excited about going to yoga class days before? Is is strange when you check out Nike, Puma, Adidas (love the new S/S '07 Stella McCartney Yoga line btw) and the lululemon website for nice yoga outfits (investing in yoga clothes is a commitment to take this seriously!)? Is it crazy when you feel like Bikram Yoga is working for you even if you've only done it twice so far? I could have sworn my legs are slimmer and my friend Carissa swears her eyes are clearer!!!

Anyway, sorry for my bitchfest yesterday. I want to treat you today with something meditative, something that connects mind, body and spirit, something that can calm all our frayed nerves: YOGA CLOTHES and ACCESSORIES!!!

From Lululemon:
This particular mat is special because its made out of 100% cotton to provide an anti-slip, super absorbant surface for all hot yoga types. According to the website, this is an "Excellent choice for Bikram yoga, yogis that sweat, or yogis looking for an alternative to conventional plastic mats." It can be used by itself, or placed over a regular yoga mat "to obtain a soft absorbent yoga surface".

From Nuala by Christy Turlington for Puma:
Knit-dancer wrap-around

Nartan Shoe

The Khaci Boot in brown...

and black! (Not for Philippine weather btw!)

Yoga bag from Orla Kiely - love the vintage print!!!

Outfits from Stella's new Yoga line for Adidas!

And I've seen plenty of great stuff from Nike! Just check out the site because its all in flash! Btw, heard there's a Nike Sale in SM Megamall this coming weekend! From 50%-70%! You might be able to score some great finds there!

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Jillsabs said...

hi tin!

i knew you'd get into the fasyon side of yoga soon enough :p

gotta try this soon too, everyone i know who's into it is really raving about it.

btw, can you also post this on kikay exchange please? :)

McDreamer said...

I've heard a lot of good stuff about yoga, but this is the first time I literally feel how really good it is! It is how you described it, I could almost feel the stretch and as you said, the pain of exertion! wheow, makes me sweat! sarap naman!

cd_mfo said...

Sure Jill! I'd really love to share these great finds! Adds to the excitement and anticipation of going to yoga with pretty pretty and functional yoga clothes!!!

Anonymous said...

hey tin!

i'm so excited to join na! Basta after my competition. By the way, do i wear socks? love the nartan shoes!


cd_mfo said...

Hi McDreamer! Actually, I just went to yoga class this evening! Sarap talaga! When I sweat, as in sweat dropping onto the floor, I can practically feel the toxins being flushed out of my system! Its so therapeutic as well!

Ruby!!! I think you will enjoy this! Looking forward to seeing you in class after your comp! And no need for socks! That's the good thing about yoga, aside from the mat, all you really need are comfy clothes. No shoes, no socks! But wouldn't it be nice to slip into those Nartan shoes before and after yoga class, just for motivation! Hahaha!

Jillsabs said...

thanks for posting it at kikay ex! mucho appreciated :)

btw, you can use boots during yoga? or parang post-yoga shoes din yan?

hi ruby!!

McDreamer said...

Just linked you, hope you don't mind...

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
FYI: the stella m. for adidas sportswear is available at 50% off (all year 'round) here in Singapore at the adidas factory outlet. I have all the tops featured in the pix that you posted. Really CHEAP!!!! And they look so good as streetwear know, with the current 'Sports' look for Spring '07. Comfy and cool. Sigh. Love them.

Anonymous said...

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cd_mfo said...

You're welcome Jill! The boots were most likely designed to be worn pre and post yoga. But for sure, they also had streetwear in mind when this was designed. Looks pretty good with jeans din diba? Like a sportier version of the flat Lanvin and Loeffler Randall boots that were all the rage A/W '06-'07! Heehee!

cd_mfo said...

Hi Mcdreamer! Thanks for linking me! I don't mind at all! =)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Anon! Wow! Lucky you! 50% off! So cool! I'm majorly jealous!!! Wish I can go to Singapore again soon! Its like shopping heaven there!

Anonymous said...

It is! It is like shopping heaven here. Do visit us again soon. The end-of-season sales are invariably worth checking out. On Pedder just had theirs. That explains my sudden need to find shoe rack space for all the Jimmy Choos I scored. By the way, I love your site. It is informative, insightful and so amusing.I visit the Philippines off and on; where should I shop to find cool,locally designed stuff to wear? Singapore has the Stamford House where some of our local designers have set up boutiques (like Baylene, etc..). It is always nice to render supprt to the local fashion/creative circle. Is there a similar shopping venue in Manila? Been to Greenbelt lots and have also bought Ts (as gifts) from that great shop in Rockwell(Team Manila?). Any suggestions? I am certain your input will be absolutly spot on.

Marvin the Martian said...

Hi there. I practice Bikram yoga in Los Angeles and I'm going for a quick trip to Manila next month and was hoping to go to classes while I'm there. Where do you practice?

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