Friday, April 20, 2007

Required Reading and Airline Freebies

My youngest sister Nicole just came back from her vacation in the US and bought the May issues of our must have magazines - Teen Vogue and Vogue US! She had Seventeen as well. I saw a dog-eared copy of Gossip Girl on her desk, so I threw that in as another must-read! (Having a 17 y.o. sister keeps me young! Hahaha!) Yesterday, I also got the April issue of Yes! magazine (with Ruffa on the cover, featuring her bling blings!) and a special issue of Metro Weddings (to get ideas for our church wedding!). So let me do my homework and I'll submit it to you all real soon!

On a side note, Nic was so generous to give me her unused Shanghai Tang for Cathay Pacific pajamas and the Salvatore Ferragamo travel set from Singapore Airlines! I just love pajamas and airline freebies! See, I'm so low maintenance, I'm happy with these and the Hollister tops she got me! Thanks Nic! She decided to keep the Ipa-Nima for Cathay Pacific cosmetic kit (designed by former Hong Kong litigator Christina Yu) though, but I get the Darphin skincare products inside! Which inspires the question, maybe Philippine Airlines should come out with an Aranaz, Bea Valdes or an Ishq toiletry bag for their business and first class travelers hmmm?


Anonymous said...

hey there!

those are cool freebies.. but before PAL can even think of coming up with those nice little gifts, let them arrive on time first. grabe, parang wala silang pakialam sa mga biyahera, either domestic or international, late palagi! :(

it's really a nightmare when you fly PAL.

cd_mfo said...

Omg! How could I have forgotten! Reminds me when we took PAL for my class field trip to Vietnam! 5 hours delayed lang naman =(

What a nightmare! Yeah, they do have more important things to attend to. I forget na because I never take PAL anymore for my international trips! Hahaha!

On the upside, the PAL lounge has the best arroz caldo in the country though! Yummy! =)

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