Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Store of MYTH-ic Proportions!

What happens when 8 creative geniuses and 2 visionary entrepreneurs decide to band together to form a collective?

Without a doubt, the result is a store of mythic proportions aptly called MYTH.

(Photo credit: The Fashpack)

Ruby Gan and Jayjay Onrubia, the stylish women who brought us Schu, have always wondered about the proliferation of European and lately, even Asian brands in the malls, while there was a lack of presence from our local designers. Together with Randy Ortiz, the trio decided (in one night!) to put together a compelling list of artists chosen for their creativity and pioneering designs. And the list reads like a veritable who's who of the fashion and art scene!

Randy Ortiz - the Creative Director
Dennis Lustico
Doltz Pilar - painter
Henri Calayag
Ivarluski Aseron
Jing Monis
Joey Samson
Jojie Lloren

For Ruby, and I am sure the rest of us will agree, this concept is "...definitely special because people now have a chance to bring home a very coveted creation of any of these designers. We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to have an (item) made to order from them so we thought, 'Why not make their creations accessible to Manila's finest?' And although there are 8 of them, we will still have this cohesive look because these designers will follow the lead of our Creative Director."

The idea of 8 individually accomplished artists presenting their designs in one store is enough to blow one's mind away about the possibilities the store can offer. And true enough, it is poised to be a one-stop shop for everything proudly Philippine-made. According to Ruby, it is "...a lifestyle boutique that will carry men's and ladies' apparel, home accessories and small paintings, beauty, skin care and hair care products. We will also carry some small leather goods and feature special items relevant to the season."

MYTH is set to open in October of 2007 in Greenbelt 5. But Ruby assures, "Our lifestyle boutique may be housed in Greenbelt 5 but it does not mean that we will cater solely to the well-heeled. Although that is the niche we want to fill in because there is simply a lack of high-end all-Filipino shop, MYTH will cater to almost everyone who wants to own a piece that is proudly Philippine-made. Gone are the days when you equate Filipino designs with products lacking in quality. We want to go beyond that and show that Filipino designers can be world-class right in their own country. "

Although their price points will definitely be higher than the average local retail shops, since they will be using the finest materials to create an item, Ruby advises that "...the prices will not be ridiculously high that it will turn off our local shoppers."

Ruby muses, "We think that we have set the ball rolling for other designers to think out of the box and cater to a different segment of the market. Now is the time to get out of the mass-mode thinking (not that I have anything against that) and aim higher. We are equipped with every skill in the book and as they say in the vernacular, " Pwedeng makipag-sabayan sa mga international designers! "

Thanks to Ruby, Jayjay and the Magic 8, the idea of accessible and high quality Filipino-made designs are in fact no longer a myth. Its a REALITY!

(Photos courtesy of Ruby Gan and The Fashpack)

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