Friday, May 18, 2007

Treasure Chest

We were invited to a delicious buffet lunch at the neighborhood Chinese resto by Dean and Prof. P, and then for coffee and dessert at their home near the campus. As it turned out, they live in a very historic structure as a celebrated poet spent his remaining years at the apartment right beside them. The particular home they were renting was once occupied by a US Supreme Court justice! Imagine that!

And as if to cap off a wonderful day, look at this treasure that caught my eye! An antique Goyard chest! It was sitting there unnoticed and unappreciated, looking like a beat up piece of luggage that had seen better days. But I saw a glamorous past of luxurious travel across Europe - on transatlantic liners, steamers and trains. I imagined the life it once led, pushed and carried in and out of marble floored hotel lobbies. Bruised and rusty as it may seem, this beautiful trunk managed to maintain its dignity...

When I first laid eyes on the trunk, I instantly noticed the familiar Y shaped markings -- but from afar so I couldn't be too sure if it was exactly what I thought it would be. I had to let go of poise and propriety and asked permission from the good dean and his wife (who I only met that same day!) if I could check it out. Imagine how my heart was beating when I crouched down for closer inspection and saw for myself that it was the real thing! I felt like Aladdin discovering the secret cave of treasures!

(Thanks in advance to the landlady of the house and owner of this rare trunk, I just couldn't resist taking photos and sharing this fantastic piece of fashion history with everyone!)


LegallyChef said...

Because you know how I feel about this line, at least we can say that it lasts for a long time HAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

that is sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and so obviously steeped in history!

p said...

that must cost millions

Fendi said...

my heart was battering Furiously when I saw this GOyard Chest.!


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