Thursday, June 07, 2007

Congratulations Hon!!!

Today my Hubby is a bonafide graduate of Harvard Law School's LLM (Master of Laws) Program!

I always knew he was meant to study in Harvard. He's got the brains and the CV for it. Not to mention, the looks! Hehehe! (Spoken like the proud wife that I am!) Then it was just our dream, now its a reality! We really have God to thank for making all of this possible. How time flies and He just makes it better and better each year!

I may not have been there to celebrate such a joyful occasion (because I used up all my leaves na heehee) but I was there in spirit Hon! I was seated right beside Mom and Dad! Look closely! Heehee!

Congratulations again Honey! I am so proud of you! =)

Congratulations to Jules and Arnel too!

(Photos courtesy of Hubby and Jules Riego)


Eubelle said...

wHohoooo!!! congratulations.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Belle! =)

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky, ang gwapo ng asawa mo ! Nakakainggit !

cd_mfo said...

Honey is that you? Hahaha! Of course! Gwapo, matalino and mabait! Everything I ever wanted in a guy, that's my hubby! I really am a lucky girl!!! ;-)

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