Saturday, June 30, 2007

Derek's Lab

Look at these youthful but classic clothes that Derek Lam concocts in his fashion lab!

Shirtdresses are not only verstile, it can be very sexy too!
A conservative blouse and skirt need not be frumpy as this picture shows:
Red dresses rock!!!
I love this embellished tunic dress!
This is a great dress! Looks comfy and I love the pockets...the color may be drab, but it still is fab!

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Unknown said...

Love your simpler layout! Much easier to read :D

cd_mfo said...

Thanks angel! Yeah, I figured nga that the small white fonts against a dark background are a bit of a challenge! =D

raissa said...

I love the red shoes LOL

cd_mfo said...

Yeah, I think the red shoes complement the clothes so well!!!

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