Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fantastic Plastic

Girls, I’d like you to meet MELISSA!

Nope, she’s not another plastic toy akin to Barbie. But I would think that this is a grown up version of a toy for women who love love love shoes! Because MELISSA is actually a shoe label that is fast gaining a foothold in the fashion scene, in spite of the fact that their shoes are made of plastic!

Campana Zigzag

According to the VP for Marketing of Istila Companhia, the company who thought of bringing in these fun and fashionable plastic shoes, “MELISSA was born in Brazil 27 years ago. Its original stylish plastic shoes took great inspiration from the fishermen of the French Riviera. It was originally aimed to be an alternative to what was common, a fusion of fashion, comfort and style. In Brazil, girls grew up having MELISSA as part of their lives.”


Thanks to Istila Companhia, Filipinas will also grow up with MELISSA shoes beginning this July 2007. The people behind the company, a group of young individuals who want to introduce fashion brands that would suit Filipinos’ sense of style, also happen to be shoelovers - with different needs. One prioritizes design when choosing shoes, another puts comfort first, and the other one considers quality/workmanship the most important. Despite their varying concerns, they all found a common ground in MELISSA. Says the company spokesperson, “It’s very fashion forward. And the fact that they are very comfortable is a very big plus! We believe there’s a market for it.”

Scarfun Summer + Alexandre Herchcovitch
Leslie + Judy Blame

Given our wet and dry season, this might just be a much better alternative to flip flops and leather shoes as it may be considered as waterproof, and are pretty easy to clean! It is environmentally friendly too because these plastic shoes are recyclable. Of course, it also helps that the shoes are comfortable because the plastic material molds to the shape of your feet!

Glam + Alexandre Herchcovitch

But before you scrunch up your nose at the thought of wearing plastic shoes, be assured that “MELISSAs are actually made of hypo-allergenic patented plastic called MELFLEX™. All MELISSAs have a candylicious scent. The shoes are also lined with fabric inside, so when one wears it, it doesn’t feel like plastic!”

Hmmm…colorful, fun and smells yummy! I feel like a kid in a candy store already!
MELISSA, whose mother company is Grendene, rediscovered its fashion calling around 1983 and started to invest in partnerships with professionals from several areas. Since then, they have collaborated with different designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Karim Rashid, the designers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and Judy Blame, who is famous for being part of Louis Vuitton’s design team. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer also once graced their campaigns. MELISSA is currently exported around the world across Fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

The Philippines own official MELISSA website www.melissaphilippines.com will be up by June 28, 2007. MELISSA shoes will be officially available in the Philippines by the 1st week of July in the following stores/boutiques:

Mia Bella at Serendra
Culte Femme at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La
Mix Boutique at Greenbelt 3

Prices start at Php2495. All nine designs featured in this post will be available locally. Colors may vary.


Lasketti said...

I have a gold indie... it really does smells yummy! Like erasers I have in grade school!

Anonymous said...

the Scarfun Summer + Alexandre Herchcovitch looks like it's part of the 2007 louis vuitton cruise collection. i really like that and the Glam + Alexandre Herchcovitch


Conchita said...

featured this also at kikay.exchange. there's a multiply site that sells melissa here. they get there's from australia. but my friend in SINGAPORE said super cheaper there! she bought her ultragirl at NOVO for less than 2k! like buying Grendha lang.

LegallyChef said...

but won't your feet be stinky at the end of the day?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Melissa is a lot cheaper in Singapore. I have several pairs and the "zigzag" bag.

this is going to be exciting!

cd_mfo said...

LC, I think the patented plastic is the sort that won't make feet smell!

Anonymous said...

i just went to Singapore 1st week of June! The price of Ultragirl was around SGD90, so that will be around P2700 (P30=SGD1). In shopcrazy it says 2895... so im guessing it's pretty much the same?

raissa said...

I like the Scarfun Summer + Alexandre Herchcovitch. It looks so chic. I wonder if there are stores here that carry this brand.

Anonymous said...


i was in singapore recently and saw a lot of ladies wearing the campana zigzag, but i never knew where to buy it from! thanks for this post...love it!

- kim

Anonymous said...

i just bought the gold campana and the black scarfun. i love my shoes!!!

cd_mfo said...

Ooohh! Wonderful choices! I'm sure lots of girls will be jelly about your jellies! Heehee!

Anonymous said...

i just got my scarfun summer in black at culte femme yesterday (PhP 3195)! Looks so chic! Feels so good! Definitely worth the pricetag.

cd_mfo said...

Ooohh! Great pick chammy! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, some great shoes here. Sort of remind me of the Karim Rashid plastic scented shoes which I'm dying to have.

Anonymous said...

i bought an ashanti shoes, its beautiful and it smells really good!

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