Thursday, June 14, 2007

La Copa at The Fort: June 15 to 17

Those pretty dresses, tops and skirts from La Copa are ready for the picking from June 15-17! Check out what's in store for you this weekend! Visit La Copa at Mancor Corporate Center, 32nd Street, Fort Bonifacio from 10 am to 10 pm. My friends and I are going to be so there this Saturday! Hope to see you! And hey, please leave some for us ha!!! =)


Anonymous said...

Do they have a online store/gallery so I can view their collection?

Anyway, I linked to you. Hope that's okay :D

cd_mfo said...

Hi angel! Its more than ok! Thanks for linking my blog to yours! =)

If you'd like to see their collection, you can check out their blog

You can also read up on my May 2 post about them at

Enjoy! =)

Anonymous said...

hey CD - what can you say about the quality of the clothes from la copa? they always say that the clothes are 'overruns' but everybody knows there is no such thing in labels such as marni or chloe. i've bought stuff from la copa and from designer soiree and i always come out with a not-so-good feeling in my tummy. it's like i've been had.

i just hope they don't market is as the 'real thing'.


Anonymous said...

if buying from La Copa and Designer Soiree (&other such shops) leave you with a not-so-good feeling, DO LISTEN to your gut feel. you have been had. apparently, these are fake goods being passed off as the real thing and i for one would not encourage patronizing pirated goods.

cd_mfo said...

Oh my! I could have sworn I've replied to homaygess' question as soon as I received it! My advice then was "listen to your gut feel" too, so when in doubt, don't buy! Otherwise, it's hard earned money going to fake goods and that should never ever be the case!

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