Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quincy Market

A reader who just came from Boston, Monica, reminded me about Quincy Market! And I have to agree, this is just worth writing about! For the foodies who plan to go there, this one's for you! Thanks Monica!

Quincy Market is located in a historic building in a shopping center called Faneuil Hall Marketplace in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Constructed in 1824–1826 and named in honor of Mayor Josiah Quincy, it started as a wholesale market selling fresh produce.

These days however, the structure houses a food court, which is one of the best food courts I have been to ever! Hubby, who loves lobster bisque, went straight to his favorite stall to get his hearty soup with a side order of lobster roll. I, on the other hand took my sweet time walking the aisles back and forth 3 times because I couldn't decide on what to order! From Greek and Italian to Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food, it was a small world of gustatory delights! Then of course, I got sidetracked by stalls selling chocolates, pastries, fudge, frozen yogurt and authentic Italian gelatos! So even before I got confused with what to get for lunch, the dessert selection made it all the more complicated for me!

Here's what we ended up getting - Hubby's lobster extravaganza and a Greek salad for me! (Hahaha! Yeah I ended up with just a salad! I think I got my fill just seeing and smelling all those food!) Sorry I couldn't get better pictures to do justice to this meal! But anyway, I made sure I had 2 scoops of Italian gelato to cap off my meal! Yumyum!

On a side note, I highly advise that you get a table in the center atrium as soon as you get there so that you don't have to end up eating at the standing room section. And once you're done with your meal, then you can do a little bit of souvenir shopping right outside the market where local artisans and entrepreneurs have set up shop.

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LegallyChef said...

tinnnnn! i want to go there! ahya promised! hahaha! i think he said we'll go because he probably wants to order that bisque again

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