Sunday, June 10, 2007

Store Finds: Reunited with Jessica and Marimekko Makes it to Manila

Lately, I have to admit, when it comes to shopping in Manila, I don't know much about what's out there (well except for what's in Topshop and Zara heehee). I made a conscious decision to avoid the malls for plenty of exciting reasons I will soon share! Besides, shopping abroad is always much much better right? Hahaha! But anyway, I had a baby shower to attend and I had to get a gift for little Nikos, my friend Marie and her husband Pierre's soon to arrive baby boy! So off to Rustan's I went expecting to just pop in and out to avoid temptation.

Well, I was quite successful because I only got what I planned on getting. But I couldn't resist spending a few good minutes at Jessica, ogling the prettiest tops and dresses ever! The clothes are exquisite and the prices are not bad at all! You can tell by the materials that each piece is special. Oh you should see this sheer white top with beautiful details, the white belted Jacki O-ish dress in heavy lace, a black dress with a pretty collar and 3/4 sleeves...I can go on and on!

If you have a wedding or a formal event to attend, and you don't have time to have a dress made, I sugget that you make a mad dash to Jessica, while those gorgeous dresses are still there!!!


Btw, I saw Finnish label Marimekko in the bag section! Not a lot of choices, but still! If you like those bright, bold and colorful Scandinavian prints, this bag's for you! Here are some of the bags I saw on display yesterday:

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Cj said...

hey christine.saw you at at home ka dito" you look so pretty with that dress.I need your help actually, coz I'll be attending a debut it's a dinner-dance party, and I'll be the host,I really can't thnk of anything to wear, I am overweight,hehe..normal height, I want to wear a dress that would emphasize my waist, coz it's the smallest part of my body..hihii..hope you cna help the way where is Jessica located?meron ba sa G4 nun?

cd_mfo said...

Awww, thanks cj! =) Yup! Jessica is inside Rustans in Glorietta! Its on the same floor as Anne Klein, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein and Polo Jeans. Where the ladies shoes and bags are! I'll do a post on your query! ;-)

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