Monday, July 09, 2007

Balenciaga and Lola

These super short dresses from Balenciaga are so freakin nice! And I bet so expensive too - even if each piece wouldn't need more than 2 yards of fabric! Darn it!

I'm liking the 'scarf as headwrap' by the way!

Which reminds me, forget the Prada-ish turbans. Better start stocking up on scarves! "Dalagang Bukid" style scarves and granny style babushkas and are fast becoming a fashion HOT instead of a NOT!

As seen at Rachel Roy Resort 2008...

...and Blumarine Fall 2008

My Lola Imas used to wrap her head with a silk scarf, knotted under the chin just like the above photo. Always with big dark sunglasses whenever we go on long drives to the province. I always thought it looked funny, but I guess this was a statement during their time! Now its back! Just goes to show the 20 year rule in fashion really is taken seriously huh!

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nina said...

tin! great blog! but'll have to change your title when you move to NY. :( no more manila fashion observer...but why when you're in NY! :) looking forward to more great stuff from you!

cd_mfo said...

Hehehe! Thanks Chap! I'm so excited about our holiday plans! See you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my my. don't we all hate designer? then again, NOT. ack! tomorrow is shopping day for me. though not balenciaga, i will surely go bankrupt once more. :)

Unknown said...

i love the first dress from balenciaga.

the boots (from afar) look like they can cause so much pain to anyone who comes in close contact to them! eenteresteeeng...

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