Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fashion Features from Life & Style Weekly

Here's a selection of the fashion features from Life & Style Weekly's September 3 issue, out on newsstands now! (Click on each image to enlarge)

GRAB BAG—Every star seems to have the hottest, hard-to-find bag. Life & Style found 10 great bags—inspired by Lauren Conrad’s side-slug hobo, Eva Longoria’s structured satchel, and Angelina Jolie’s roomy shoulder bag, to Cameron Diaz’ glitzy carryall and J.Lo’s pewter hue bag—that look just as great as the stars’…maybe better!

ALL HEELED—After Sarah Jessica Parker complained she “destroyed [her] body by running and dancing in heels,” Life & Style found 6 pairs of cute, cushy, comfy heels perfect for sprinting through NYC!

HULA HOOP— Life & Style highlights 9 pairs of hoops earrings to glam up any outfit and attract attention.

WEEKDAY WEAR—Life & Style showcases the five hottest looks of the week—as modeled by J.Lo, Eva Longoria, Nicky Hilton, Carmen Electra and Hilary Swank.

(Courtesy of Freud Communications, Inc.)

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Anonymous said...

hi buddy

nice collection of fashion features ,hey buddy mostly i love those heels and hoops earrings collection,those are outstanding.thanks

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