Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Visit to The Met + the Season Premiere of Gossip Girl

I have been asking dear Hubby to take me to The Met for days now, so when we found some downtime, we hied off to the museum:

We got there a little after lunch, and I realized, I might as well have bought a membership pass so I can visit anytime the whole year round and really soak in everything, from historical artifacts to sculptures and paintings! Plus, it doesn't hurt that I get 10% off on Met merchandise with a membership!

Of course, me being me, what caught my eye that day were these sandals on the artists' subjects!

I guess I still haven't gotten over my want for ancient Greek sandals after all these seasons! I remember reading an article in a 2005 issue of Vogue about bag designer Devi Kroell and her visit to a Greek sandal maker at the Plaka District in Athens who still makes sandals the way they did during ancient times! Another thing to add to my must do list!

Anyway, after a yummy dinner of cheeseburgers, fries and rich & frothy chocolate milkshakes at the Shake Shack on Madison Square Park

We rushed home as soon as I saw this bus!

Which reminded me to watch the season premiere of Gossip Girl! Good thing we got home on time! Because I wasn't disappointed! ;-) Although I must say, Blair's posse were over acessorized they didn't look uptown at all! The on-set stylist needs to re-think those 2 girls' wardrobes!


raissa said...

I wasnt able to go to MET =( boo well next time I guess

Good thing my cousin reminded me about Gossip girl. I agree Blair's posse had too many things going on LOL I like Serena. makes me want to read the books now

raissa said...

oh I have a thing for Grecian sandals too =) It would be nice to have authentic sandals from Greece.

cd_mfo said...

Exactly! They looked like Christmas trees! Too early for Christmas hahaha! You should read the book raissa! At first I felt silly reading a teen novel, but it is quite riveting! As for the sandals, well, it is definitely a timeless piece! Been around for ages! Literally! So a must buy right?! Hahaha!

raissa said...

the book is now part of my "must read" list. my cousin said the show started from the 2nd book so either start there or start from the very beginning.

hahah to early for Christmas indeed and the colors - halo halo LOL I am all for color but some took it to the extreme.

yup, timeless piece and great with everything. Yup, must buy indeed hahaha

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