Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Erin Fetherston for Target Out NOW!!!

Nothing got me out of the house faster when I found out that Erin Fetherston's line for Target was coming out this month! I saw that a lot of my fellow Fashion Spot members already shopped for stuff from this collection, and I just had to check the Target near our place pronto!!!

Lucky me! When I got there, they just were about to hang the clothes on the racks!!!

Because I got there first, before everyone else in town did, I had the chance to try on my top picks, and in my size at last! My verdict - This is a fun and wearable collection! Plus, she has lots of cute dresses that will do for a night out. If you have plans of going someplace that requires a bit of dressing up, go to Target now as you might find something that might just come in handy! Otherwise, there are tops, shorts, and pants that are just so cute to have! I would have bought all of these if only I had enough moolah!

Short-Sleeve Dotted Swiss Tie-Front Top $19.99

Short-Sleeve Dotted Swiss Tie-Front Tunic $29.99

Peter Pan Collar Dress with Pleated Skirt in Black $49.99

Peter Pan Collar Dress with Pleated Skirt in Black/White $49.99

Chiffon Layered Dress with Satin in Black $44.99

Bunny Print Voile Top $19.99

Jacquard Bow Jacket in Black $44.99

It was so much fun dressing up and I hope you enjoy this collection too! Take note that this is not even half of what was in store! There were so many other cute clothes, it would have taken me forever to try on everything! So I strongly suggest that should you have the chance to visit a Target, order online, or request your family or friends to get an item or two for you, do so NOW! =)

Caveat though, the material isn't investment quality, so just have fun with these clothes and wear them while they still look good! =)


Anonymous said...

Its like lil black dress

takejiro said...

Love your picks! Especially the dotted swiss tie-front top. Sadly, we don't have Target here in Japan...We do have a large Zara store.

cd_mfo said...

Yes Ernesto! Little black dresses exactly! I think they'll be coming out with more of that in the next couple weeks =)

Thanks Takejiro! The dotted swiss tie-front top is my favorite too!!! Heehee! Don't worry, there are tons of cute stuff there in Japan that I will never find anywhere here, so you still got it good!

Conchita said...

you're so funny tin! taking pics in the dressing room! hahaha... well, i do that too and send it to my friends for approval.

i like the dress with peter pan collar! love the tights too!

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Well, I was thinking about you guys! I wanted all of my readers to see what Erin had for Target! Besides, I had the whole afternoon to do it! Heehee!

The dress is super cute! It will look great with heels -for that "Lolita" look! Hahaha! The tights, naku, I just got that for Php100 sa Karl Edwards Bazaar last year. From a stall that sells winter stuff. Its super thick, made of cotton not nylon, so its perfect for wearing shorts, skirts and dresses this fall/winter season!

Anonymous said...

i like the jacket.

cd_mfo said...

I like it a lot too! For the price, this jacket is well-constructed, and I believe worth getting! =)

Fashion Trend Guide said...

I saw the line today and your store had some items that mine didn't - the black layered dress and the black Peter Pan collared dress. Cute!!!
Check out my photos:


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