Friday, November 09, 2007

Green & Gorgeous

Lookie at what I found at the Scoop NYC boutique in SOHO! Now this is what I call a statement bag!

This $28 eco-friendly tote is made of natural linen and cotton, and has jute handles. Available at all Scoop NYC shops and at!

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McDreamer said...

omg, i'm in love with that bag!!!

cd_mfo said...

Hi Jin! Hehehe, oh yeah! I've noticed you've been on a green bag shopping spree!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tin!

Check out Amina's version of the shopping bag. It's a roomy canvass tote - not the usual boxy type - with tan leather straps/gold studs.

On the body is a small plastic pocket where a piece of flat wood is inserted. The words I AM A NATURAL SHOPPER are stamped on it!

And price-wise, if I am not mistaken, I got it for less than P800... :D

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Ruby! That's a pretty good deal! I haven't seen it in person though, but I know about it from Jin's (McDreamer) blog! Maybe I should try to get a picture and post about it as well! For that local flavor naman, hehehe! I'm kinda out of the loop with the shopping goodies there these days! So I really appreciate all the updates I can get!

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