Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Her Shoes

When I was a little girl, I had a recurring daydream. I would daydream about living in a mall. Especially when I was inside one. As I walked past the shops and rode my way up and down the escalators I would play pretend the mall was my "home". I'd blur out the rest of the shoppers and think of what I would do if my family lived in it. I imagined myself waking up and having the entire place as my "walk-in closet". Every morning, I would just go inside a store to pick out my outfit for the day, then walk down a couple of steps to a shoe store to find the shoes to go with it. When I get bored, I would just browse through the bookstores or play with the toys in the toy stores. Think about it! Wouldn't that be the height of fun? Kind of like Richie Rich having a McDonald's right inside the family mansion, but far far better than that!

I guess the next best thing to that would be to be the heiress to a luxury department store fortune! Not that you get to take your pick from the variety of merchandise in-store. I guess the thrill there would wear out in time. More of the fact that you get to handle the reins in running the retail business. (Which is the sort of stuff my dreams are made of these days. Think about working for LVMH or Cartier, or even Bergdorf or Barney's...being constantly surrounded by all those exquisitely made goodies, getting employee discounts, plus first dibs on company sales! Sigh!)

So that is why I would love to be in Jennifer Woo's shoes (literally and figuratively speaking! Check out those Louboutins!), the president of Lane Crawford and heralded by Time's Style and Design Magazine as the Turnaround Queen. At an age where most girls are still trying to find what they want to really do in life, she "transformed a 154-year-old business from frumpy to fabulous". I was in Hong Kong when they opened that flagship store in IFC and it was truly a fashionista's retail heaven. Lane Crawford had stuff that I wouldn't imagine seeing back home. This girl and her buyers really know their stuff!

Plus, she got spotted by The Sartorialist...

What more can a girl ask for?


Anonymous said...

oh GOD! manila needs better buyers well to be specific, SSI/Rustan's need better buyers. they bring crap here! although, i have to admit, manila shopping is MUCH better than when i was growing up. but that doesn't mean they should be bringing in shit here.

lane crawford at the IFC is AWESOME.

cd_mfo said...

I totally agree! You've said it so succinctly! I often wonder why Manila buyers never get the good stuff I see online or abroad, I'm so sure there's a market for more fashion forward designs, buyers shouldn't even think twice about it!

Anonymous said...

I full heartedly agree!!!! Our buyers are so horrible! They seem to not have a knack for change or what's coming up next which is important in fashion. So from season to season, the items on sale look all the same. And overpriced too!

BTW there's a multi-brand store here coming soon at GB5. It's by the company that brings in Paul Smith. I heard Chloe is one of the labels going to be sold there :)

I hope that triggers a trend

cd_mfo said...

I hope they're anything close to multi-brand stores like Intermix, Creatures of Comfort in LA and Bird in Brooklyn! Let's cross our fingers they carry Isabel Marant as well! Exciting!

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