Friday, November 16, 2007

Salivating for Saltwater Sandals

I actually had saltwater sandals when I was a little girl. I can still remember the feeling of it against the soles of my feet, as I stomped on concrete pavements or got it wet with a garden hose! Because yes, these are totally totally meant to stand up to sand and salt water (hence the name) and will never fall apart even if you get it soaking wet!

I didn't realize that there were grown-up versions of these shoes, and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic when I saw blogger Jenny Gordy wearing a pair of the original saltwater sandals in red a couple of months ago. So I took a peek into her flickr account and saw more tempting photos of these sandals!

Months later, I still can't get over my desire to get a pair. For some reason, I'm on a comfortable shoe phase (foregoing heels, crossing over flats and heading off to the weird but comfy shoe category). These days, I've been shuffling around the house in my warm and cozy Minnetonka moccasins. Just last month, I got my friend Tet to buy me a pair of Birkenstocks again, simply because she was coming from Germany, and it's supposed to be cheaper there right? This week, a friend of ours, Uni, visited from Connecticut and wore Dansko clogs (she needs it for hospital rounds) while sightseeing in NYC, and it got me thinking about maybe getting a pair as well. But before that, maybe I should finally succumb to the lure of saltwater sandals? I mean, I've been holding off on this for months, I should get a pair just to reward me for my self-control right?

The funny thing is, just last week, NY Mag made a forecast that saltwater sandals will be "the ugly shoe" for next spring. Maybe I should take it as a sign to go ahead and buy I guess. Now if I can only find a way to wear it through fall and winter, hahaha!

TIP: For the moms, why not get a pair for your kids too! It comes in different colors, is unisex, and would be perfect for both sunny and rainy days (no more "Don't get your shoes wet!" reminders)! I had fond memories of my childhood wearing these! I am sure they will too!

(Photos courtesy of, and Jenny's flickr account)


Anonymous said...

ack! i want one! i think i had a pair too when i was a toddler. and in red no less. :) i hope i can order from here.

cd_mfo said...

Mine was white naman. Heehee! But this time I want red ones. It's gonna add punch to neutral colors, and still goes well with other colors too!!! =)

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