Saturday, November 10, 2007

Field Day on eBay

Last night, I checked out the H&M store on Fifth Avenue while I waited for dear hubby to get off work. I figured, I might as well see for myself what Mr. Cavalli had in store. I'm not exactly a big fan of glamazon wear (I can only take so much of animal prints heehee), but I was curious. Let's just say I get a kick out of designer-store chain collaborations! (Although I must admit, it's really "hit-or-miss" the past couple of collections I've seen. Sometimes the materials really suck, but there have been pleasant surprises as well...)

With his collection launched just this Thursday, I assumed I would still get to see a couple of his stuff right? Well, this is what greeted me!

I guess eBayers are having a field day with this one!

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