Friday, November 02, 2007

A Tip for Fall 2007: Less is More!

Hi Takejiro! I know you asked for some tips for dressing up for fall, but let me start by telling you that I have great news for you and all the MFO readers out there! I won't be recommending you to buy "this and that, etc.", because to be honest I think there's really nothing new that you absolutely have to buy for this season. You can actually work with the stuff you currently have, and just spend for accesories!

In fact, I only bought 2 things for fall this year. These 2 pieces - a belt and a colorful scarf, together can instantly update a look in no time.

Well ok, I did buy a long deep green "military" coat and a fuchsia North Face goosedown jacket since I never had any serious cold weather clothes prior to my move here. But apart from those essentials, it really all boiled down to a belt and scarf for me! And as if to agree with my current mindset, Vogue in fact came out with an argument for "why less is more" in their November 2007 issue. Women are now "reconnecting with what fashion used to be about: not just the mere act of acquisition but an investment, be it a $9 tee or a $1900 coat, that enriches her look, and ergo, her life with a degree of self-expression and self-respect".

What's more, fashionistas are "evolving". "Feel the pace of fashion is too fast? Think you could do so without so much? Relax. You are not alone.", the article's teaser assured its readers. In fact, it states that there is "a growing number of women who have gladly gotten off the shopping merry-go-round of Always Something New and prefer to live witht what they have unless something truly extraordinary and/or useful crosses their path". Finally, it is fashionable to have less than more! What with the era of conspicuous consumption leaving a bad taste in the mouth, and "the buzzwords of careful, considerate food production and consumption - slow, local, sustainable, gradually filtering into the consciousness of fashion.", we can expect that the likes of Kimora Lee and all those guilty of spending money like its going out of style will soon be out of style.

Now with that being said, choose a few classic pieces that you can use to update the rest of your wardwrobe. To illustrate, let me show you how a belt and scarf can make a 500 peso Gap overrun tweed jacket (bought at the Camp John Hay export overrun store 5 years ago) look more "now", and like it's worth so much more! (Or so I think hehehe!).

Plus, a tutorial on how to tie the belt the Marni way! The Marni SA at the Mercer Street boutique taught me how to tie the belt the way they just did for the runway!



For those back home in the Philippines, belts will look great with your cardigans as well! Try it!


Conchita said...

hmmm... i think i remember that brown coat you're wearing! hehehe

i love dressing for cold season. my frustration i guess since we really can't go all out here in Phil. that's why hoping to visit there during fall next year!

takejiro said...

Thanks for posting this! You do have a point. It's also kinda expensive going all out every time the season changes. The belt is a very nice idea. I'll add it to my shopping list this week. And your jacket is a steal!

Jillsabs said...

your gap jacket is soooo cute! bagay na bagay sa yo :)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Cons! Don't we have the same jacket?! You bought one too during our class fieldtrip right? Hehehe! See you here next fall!

Thanks takejiro! I'm a sucker for bargain shopping, and this coat is one of my best buys! Yes, add a belt to your list! It's an instant way to update your look for fall, just check out this seasons ads, be it from preppy J. Crew to the now edgy Burberry. =)

Thanks Jill! Best of all, it lasts long and is super cheap! In fashion math, baka cents per use na lang yung value nito! Hahaha!

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