Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What a Coup Coup (Cuckoo)!

I know that this is a fashion blog, but I just can't help but comment about what happened over the long weekend. I just have to say that a certain rebel needs to get a grip and make an honest assessment of the current situation. He is mistaken in the assumption that since 11 million people voted for him, people will take to the streets at his beck and call. He failed to realize that money talks in our country, and not all who voted for him supported his cause. There were people who voted for him because they got paid to do so, plain and simple. I heard from a reliable source that a certain politician bankrolled his campaign!

And if he claims to fight corruption, why won't he expose his mother first? His mother supplied to the Department of National Defense and since he claims that there is massive corruption in military procurement, he ought to know that his mom wouldn't have gotten concessions if she was not involved in corruption herself!

Really, if he cares about our country, he should go and do what good soldiers do, be valiant in battle even if it means there will be no media coverage. To be honest, not everyone in the military is clean, as with any organization. But I believe in my heart that the majority of soldiers in the military are heroes and are willing to die for our country, even without the "benefit" of making it to the front pages of the daily papers. I should know, I have seen it happen time and again. Just visit the military hospitals and you will see there are wounded and dying soldiers there who never made it to the papers, because really, those sort of stories wouldn't sell a paper.

I pity the media who was used as a shield by this coward. I feel sorry for those who just wanted to enjoy a stress free long weekend, as we all have enough personal things to worry about. I suggest that the Manila Pen and all those who were affected by his bratty display of irreverence to justice send him the bill, so next time he will UNDERSTAND that his actions DO have economic repercussions. "There's no loss here...", he was quoted as saying. Yeah right! Tell that to Manila Pen and the others who were inconvenienced by his "tantrum".

Also, if he is serious about staging a coup the next time around, he better forget those comfortable, cushy hotels. If he was a battle-tested, strategic genius in military warfare (which he ain't), he would have known that the first thing that they have to take control of are communication and transportation facilities. Repeat, NOT a HOTEL in Makati. Just a bit of advice from a mere fashion blogger! Duh!

Some people say he is misunderstood. I say he is misguided by a thirst for power.

P.S. I am not a lawyer, but since he walked out of court and staged another farce, isn't that enough evidence that he is indeed capable and guilty of rebellion?


Anonymous said...

hi :) first time commenter here, but i just had to tell you that i think you are absolutely spot-on about this issue.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks so much i! =)

LegallyChef said...

P.S. I am not a lawyer, but since he walked out of court and staged another farce, isn't that enough evidence that he is indeed capable and guilty of rebellion?

-may restriction from using current act for previous charge sa rules! pero baka may aggravating circumstance for the current act

Anonymous said...

too true. i've heard comments that the military should be blamed for the damages that happened at manila pen but they have to consider that out of anybody who stages a coup, he's the only one who targets hotels as headquarters! the pen opened its doors for him not knowing what they were in for. totally uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

And I will never forget such dreadful day... I missed a party and spent almost 5 hours on the road going home due to the traffic and commotion this caused!!!

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