Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Please Wear Your Seat Belt

I don't mean to put a damper on the holiday spirit, but I would just like to request for heartfelt prayers for the Madarang family, and for you dear readers to please please please WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT.

It's a sad Christmas for those who were not able to celebrate it with their loved ones, and infinitely sadder for families who lose a loved one on Christmas Day. Friends of my sister lost their dad while he was on his way to Manila to spend the holidays with them and their mom. He met a road accident on his way, and while his driver and other companion survived, he unfortunately didn't make it. Both the driver and other passenger survived because they were wearing their seat belts.

I feel terrible for their loss because their dad was a good, noble soldier and a loving father and husband. Being from a military family myself, I know how it is to have your father far away when they he is on assignment, and only seeing him on special occasions such as the holidays. These girls practically grew up not seeing their dad everyday, and now he is gone forever. They are both so young, one is only a freshman in college and the other in high school. Their mom has been very brave watching over them and taking care of them the whole time her husband was away, serving the country. Now she only has herself and her family members around to help raise their girls. They are a sweet and close-knit family and they do not deserve this. It will be very hard to cope with the loss, and Christmas may never be the same for the whole family. Please please please pray for their dad and for them. They need all our prayers.

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