Friday, January 18, 2008

Sharing My Outfit Day

I definitely am sold on my new boots now. I originally wanted a black pair but in hindsight, I'm extremely glad that I ended up with brown ones instead. As knittymommy said, the color makes it stand out more, and that is just so true! I mean, check out my outfit and imagine if the boots were black...

It would have just been regular and boring right? But with brown boots, it just has more character. To add a pinch of pizazz to my outfit, I wore a colorful scarf...not bad me thinks!

Scarf: Missoni
Long sleeved tee (underneath tunic): Old Navy
Tunic dress: Target
Cardigan: Zara
Belt: Burberry
Tights (underneath leggings): Target
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Lanvin


Anonymous said...

love it!

and guess, what we have the same zara cardigan. hahaha!

speaking of cardigans, do you have any tips on how to wash it? i always get problems with my cardigans after washing it. :(

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Anon! We share the same good taste, hehehe! =)

Cashmere cardigans have to be dry cleaned no exceptions. But for cotton or acrylic cardigans, you can just handwash it using Ivory Snow, Woolite or Perwoll. If you have to use the washing machine, set it on delicates or gentle wash.

Some suggest laying the cardigan/sweater flat on a towel and letting it dry indoors but I feel that takes too much time! I just let mine air dry, I even use the dryer as long as it's not made of wool or cashmere. Otherwise, it's gonna shrink big time! =)

Conchita said...

snaps for tin! love the outfit! so ney york chic!

wish we had colder weather so i can wear something like that here =)

cd_mfo said...

Hehehe! Thanks cons!!! So much fun nga to dress up for cold weather! But DH says sometimes I sacrifice staying warm for style...guilty as charged!

Jillsabs said...

i share the same sentiment with conci! ang saya talaga to dress up for cold weather :)

Anonymous said...

Color is gloomy why not try playing with colors. Checkout

raissa said...

so chic! I am your opposite during winter I make sure to way warm =) but hey there area already lots of ways to be able to do both - stay warm and be in style.

I love the boots.

cd_mfo said...

Yeah, super saya Jill! =)

Thanks joe! Love the flickr site you directed me to =) Her clothes are cute and I like her style, much brighter and sunnier compared to me hehehe!

Thanks raissa! Yeah, I get what you mean, hopefully I should get the hang of that soon without having to live in my North Face jacket! =)

Didi said...

How nice!

I wish we can dress that way here in Manila!!


Anonymous said...

Lanvin makes the best women's boots but it seems too wide for your leg.

Maria said...

Love the boots! I wonder how much they cost...Care to share?

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Maria! My DH and family read this blog, so let's just say that while regular retail is about $800, it becomes very affordable when bought on sale. Plus, when you divide the purchase price by the number of times these boots are worn, then the price is justified!!! I highly recommend that you have it zipsoled to prolong it's useful life =)

Maria said...

Shoot! That costs an arm and a leg! I would have to starve myself just to be able to buy that. Would you know how much the Zara boots you mentioned in your previous post costs?

cd_mfo said...

I heard Zara boots are on sale now! Maybe around 3,000 pesos!!! =)

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