Friday, February 29, 2008

Jovovich-Hawk for Target OUT NOW!

I know the Target near our place puts out their GO International stuff earlier than the launch date so I wasn't surprised when I saw these racks out...

It took them a while to clear out the other racks, and while the Target ladies were busy preparing the Jovovich-Hawk for Target section, I approached one of them and asked if I could try on the stuff that they had out. Here's the first part of photos from the Jovovich-Hawk for Target Collection that I've tried on so far. There were more but they hadn't put out the other stuff yet.

Hey, that wasn't a fashion statement ha! I was just too lazy to take my tights off!

These are the times that I am thankful I'm a housewife. I get first dibs on trying out stuff as soon as they come out...But, the styles weren't really me, so I didn't buy anything at all. But I did this for you girls! Enjoy!


raissa said...

I like the floral tunic but it might be too bohemian for me. Will check out it this weekend.

Thanks Christine for doing it for us =)

Mrs. Chai Tea said...

lucky you! i'll try to stop by target and check if they have them available *crossing fingers*

Anonymous said...

there are nicer clothes to see in sm and landmark if you want target prices,i like the shirt but evrything else is less than ordinary and you can go 168 and divi for those,just my pov:)

Anonymous said...

The blue-green blouse worn belted looked great. But altogether, you've road-tested far more impressive collections in the past. Thanks for letting us vicariously check this out. :-)

Maria said...

I love your tights!

Where'd you buy it?

cd_mfo said...

Raissa! Chai! Were you able to check out your Target this weekend?

Hi Anons! There are more stuff out now from the collection, I'll try to take more photos of the rest. The other stuff they put out are more "Jovovich-Hawk" than this first batch, more girly and flouncy and vintage-y. But price wise, nothing beats SM, Divi and 168 of course!

Thanks Maria! I got it from H&M =)

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I stumbled upon your site months ago (I think I saw the mention on and have been reading it ever since.

Hope this isn't too personal but, you keep mentioning that you are a housewife and/or unemployed. That being the case, care to let us know what your typical day is like?

I am a housewife myself (forced to this position as I am merely a dependent to my husband's visa status) and am dying to know/get ideas from others in the tri-state area (do you reside in Manhattan?) who are just like me what they do to "while the time away."

Any suggestions other than surfing the net, reading books, going to the gym, learning a new language, going to museums and (window) shopping?

Anonymous said...

I loved this post! The style is very boho (which isn't really my style either), but I am going to run to Target after work and check it out!! :)

raissa said...

Yup, I was able to check out the Target near me. So far I dont like what they have in that store. Maube my mind will change when I check out the other stores. =)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Anon! We are in the same boat! You pretty much summed up all my activities! Hehehe! Email me at and let's chat! We can even meet up if you're free! I'd be happy to meet you! =)

Thanks mme. fabuleux! Lots of cute stuff now, you'll have fun checking it out! =)

Awww, too bad raissa! Anyway, I'm sure there will be more GO International collections to come and you'll find something to your liking! =)

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