Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jovovich-Hawk for Target

The Jovovich-Hawk collection for Target is set for release on March 2! That's about a month from now! How exciting!

I've scanned the pages of my March issue of Teen Vogue and am posting a clip from Sally Jane Vintage to give you all a sneak peek from the collection. So here it is without further ado...(Bwahaha! Baduy! Where have I heard this before? I think this was how hosts in the 80s, uhhhm Kuya Germs & Co. if I'm not mistaken, presented their guests right?)

So what do you all think? I'm sure the girly girls are palpitating with excitement right about now. I wouldn't blame you though, these are quite pretty. Just a reminder though, don't expect designer quality fabrics ok? I want to keep your expectations within reasonable bounds! But hey I'm no party pooper, if you've always wanted Jovovich-Hawk pieces but couldn't afford it then, by all means indulge!

UPDATE: For an exhaustive preview of this collection, check out now! =)


raissa said...

oh i like her girly-girly stuff. I hope I am successful this time. Still havent been able to buy anything from the designers collection at Target. either theres no more size or the styles available at the one near me just doesnt suit my taste hahah I should go to one that does haha

cd_mfo said...

Good luck raissa! I know you can do it now! Since Patrick Robinson ka pa nag ta-try! You will succeed this time! Hehehe!

raissa said...

Oo nga! Grabe! I hope so. =) Thanks!

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