Thursday, February 28, 2008

Manila on WWD's radar

While talks of a recession is likened to a dark cloud looming on the US horizon, the idea of it forcing consumers here to reassess their expenditures and prompting those who haven't saved enough for the rainy days into a semi-state of panic, Bambina Wise writes about the steaming gleaming spanking luxury retail scene in Manila for WWD. Yes, THE WWD! Hey, it's not just a fashion industry trade journal, it's the Bible of Fashion honeys! Now that's what I call a silver lining!

In Manila: On the Retail Radar, Ms. Wise gets the facts straight from luxury industry players, interviewing the likes of Anton Huang, Rhea de Vera-Aguirre and Jappy Gonzalez, household names among Manila's luxury loving set.

Luxe Goes Local on the other hand tackles local brands and designers, and I can imagine the owners of Irene's Closet, Marni's Room and Ilaya Couture framing this article since they were mentioned here! They were under the radar too! Along with Joji Lloren, Religioso, Dennis Lustico, Ivarluski Aseron and even Bench!

Yes dearies, WWD (and the industry insiders who read it) now know what Filipino consumers knew all along. We are a shopping society. Not only that, there is a market for luxury goods in Manila, and Philippine consumers can't get enough of it. I know for a fact there are those who travel abroad, just to get a healthy shot of Marni and Lanvin, if you know what I mean. So, for all the stories of how backward and desperate things are back home, comes WWD's story on Manila's retail scene. And it's very pretty! (Actually, if you don't read Philippine newspapers and don't watch TV, things back home aren't really as alarming as they seem...)

Fashionistas and luxe lovers, read it and weep - tears of joy. Finally, a validation of your hard-earned spending!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear Manila getting its just recognition for its vibrant retail scene. I used to work for Anton Huang as a brand manager for fragrances and cosmetics for the LVMH brands. We seemed so forward with our brands then. Plus we were very agressive with bringing it all the current lines and collections. I am sure Manila still is. I really do miss that part of Manila.

You would never think the Philippines was a third world country looking from that vantage point.

Thanks for sharing the articles.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that the world is recognizing how the Philippines is such a shopping society but what saddens me is the lack of vision here in the Philippines.

I mean the retail scene here must be elevated to that level of Colette, Dover Street MArket, Harvey Nichols, Joyce (Hong Kong), Daslu, and so many others.

Speaking of competitive, I think pricing must also be taken into consideration. I'm afraid to say this but SSI brands like Gucci and Bottega V are overpriced, almost by the double or maybe even more. I can't help but seek my options just buying online.

Wouldn't it be nice if the fashionistas of Manila would not bother going elsewhere to buy their goods because there is a wide variety of goods as well as very competitive pricing?!

Anonymous said...

CD, thanks so much for the post on your blog and the links. The feedback from the two articles has been tremendous. Definitely a career high for me in all the years I've been writing for WWD!

McDreamer said...

wow, it's about time people from all parts of the world know how fashionable Filipinos are and how talented our designers and retailers are here in Manila... very nice article...

raissa said...

Wow finally someone took notice. I have always said that we have a very vibrant fashion scene which is why majority of my clothes still come from home. Aside from the fit, the style and designs are at par if not better than what I see here. I also think that we are advanced than the US market. I know there have been trends in accessories that were already alive in the Philippines and unheard of here. I was already wearing it then when it hit here, I was over it LOL

I worked for Anton Huang too at RMSI, though I wasnt dealing directly with merchandise. I had fond memories of RMSI.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to finally read about Manila's retail scene! ...and we even landed on WWD! That's a big WOW!

Anonymous said...

are the prices comparable? I mean, if I get a Chanel bag in Manila does it come out to the same price if I buy it in the US?

cd_mfo said...

Hi Debbie! Unfortunately, prices are not comparable. It is still much cheaper to buy abroad! =)

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