Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Well Balanced Meal...

Vegetables? Lettuce, Check!
Fruits? One tomato, jalapeno peppers and salsa, check!
Protein? Ground beef, Check!
Dairy? Hot Pepper Jack cheese and sour cream, Check!
Junk Food? Corn chips, Check! (Yeah because I'm a dirty little devil like that!)

Check out the taco salad that I prepared for lunch:

And yes, I wiped the plate clean all by myself!

So yeah, you might have noticed my shopping and fashion posts are dwindling by the minute. Its just that going out or surfing the net just makes me want to spend spend spend! You know, you see things you absolutely have to have. The kind where you can't sleep because you start thinking of how that one last article of clothing or that one final accessory will elevate your wardrobe to a whole higher level. Then you find yourself buying it, and as soon as you get it, you realize there is another thing you just absolutely NEED. Really, the cycle of covetousness never ends.

Hence, I find myself focusing my energy in the kitchen instead. I kinda like it though. Gives me a sense of accomplishment in a way. I mean, Dear Hubby pretty much primed himself on living on a diet of pizza, Dinty Moore beef stew, greasy fastfood burgers and Chinese take out. But no, I told him I will be preparing all our meals by scratch! Of course it was a struggle at first because he knew that I never ever cooked so he probably thought he would be eating tasteless cardboard-y dinners. But well, I changed his mind as soon as I prepared my first experimental recipe! Hahaha! Yeah, watching Wok With Yan and Nora Daza on TV when I was little surely paid off! I've always liked watching people do their thing in the kitchen, so I guess I kinda absorbed all their tricks into my system! ;)

Although, preparing a salad isn't exactly cooking. Heehee!

Anyway, while running errands this afternoon, I found myself dropping by the local Old Navy. Again. Because I'm really liking their safari inspired pieces...not that I'm buying or anything. I just find it comforting to window shop. Weird I know...

Safari Romper in Khaki $29.50

Cropped Safari Jacket $29.50

Safari Shirt Dress in Indian Clay $34.50

Patch Pocket Shirt Dress in Dark Toast $25

Inspired by what I've seen, I played dress up using existing items from my closet!


Brown Puffer Vest: Alice + Olivia
Striped Sweater: Zara
Scarf: Gift
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Sneakers: Converse


Leopard Print Sweater: Topshop
Safari Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg
Gray Tights: Target
Nude Wedges: Chloe

You likes? I likes because I did not spend on a single darn thing today! Woohoo! Now if only spring has sprung, then I can get rid of the tights. So cold these days, Brrrr!


Anonymous said...

Yum! Can't wait to visit you and taste your home cooking! :) I love steaks and salads...

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! Thanks Pam! Come and visit na!!! I'll prepare all your favorite meals! =)

Mrs. Chai Tea said...

just browsing around and saw your blog...oooooh, i love taco salads! reminds me of my HS days. Anyhoo, I Old Navy does have some interesting safari-inspired pieces. I dropped by over the weekend just to look around and ended up buying sooo many much for looking around!

cd_mfo said...

I'm jealous Chai! I want to buy so many things at Old Navy too! But I have to practice self control, heehee!

Unknown said...

Nice salad!

Now that you have to re-focus your blogging mojo to some cooking, you can go see a lot of our fellow pinay food bloggers on the web. I am not adverstising, but 80breakfasts is a great foodie blog, and since its just her and her husband, she only cooks for two.

BTW I spent the weekend in NYC with my family and just had to go visit the Uniqlo store. I am so glad you wrote about it. Even my husband enjoyed it. Wasn't it the old Esprit store space?

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today. I love it!

Eubelle said...

the three of us dropped by old navy during the president holiday and i loved their safari inspired too! i had to hold myself back but their baby stuff were 40% plus i had their 10% off coupon from so i ended up buying for my little girl. then eulla held on the football and so eumir ended up puting it with the rest of the stuff.
now i wish i bought the safari romper huhuhu :((

Anonymous said...


Self control is a must for practicality's sake but I often end up not doing it. It's really hard control esp. if there are times that you get so depressed or things just burst up and u realize u wouldn't wanna go home without any retail therapy. haha

raissa said...

You know I love Old Navy =) but i am practicing restrain too but that safari shirt dress is adorable and they had this other dress that was cute as well and you know that i love the shoes hahaha *sigh*

taco salad yummy. I havent cooked in a long time. I am more the sous chef lately to my sister hahah. But I do agree with one knittymommy check out some of the food blogs of fellow Pinoys. I have visited quite a few and they have been so helpful. They made me see Filipino cuisine or any cuisine for that matter in a different way.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks for the tip knittymommy! I've heard of that blog! I should check it out now! As for Uniqlo, I'm happy you and your hubby enjoyed it! They have really well made stuff no? I'm not sure though if that was the old Esprit store, I'm bagong salta pa in New York heehee!

Thanks Mme. Fabuleux! Btw, I enjoyed your post about the French blog, Garance Dore! =)

Hahaha! Belle! You should have used Eulla's strategy! Hang on to the rompers and not let go until Eumir puts it in the shopping bag!

Oh yes Gian, the benefits of retail therapy! Better that we reap the fruits of our money rather than the shrink right? Haha!

Yeah, we're in the same boat raissa, let's see who gives in first! Hahaha! And yes, I will be checking out Filipino food blogs asap, I'm craving for Pinoy food so bad!

raissa said...

I think I will be the first to give in hahaha I have been lusting over the platform shoes and couldnt wait to go to the Old Navy near me LOL I think its the benefit of living in L.A. and in my area because I am pretty much surrounded by Filipino restos - Gerrys, Salo-salo Grille, Goldilocks, Red Ribbon, Chowking hahaha

Anonymous said...


This is out of the topic. Since you have stayed in manila for quite some time too, where can I go for hair and make up that is good but price is not too high? preferably makati area please.

I hope you can help.


Anonymous said...

ate, wala ka talaga magawa... ang saya mo... haha


McDreamer said...

love the outfits!!!

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