Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Wife is a Gangster

Last Sunday, Dear Hubby wanted to go out and take photos because it was such a nice day. The sun was bright and shining, never mind that it was -4°C because of the chilly winds. He said that he wouldn't leave the house if I didn't join him. Now I get cold really fast, so I reluctantly bundled up. I mean hey, I do have to provide moral support to my budding professional photographer, in good weather and in bad.

So Dear Hubby took his time and clicked away for a good hour, or so it seemed. Here are a couple of my favorite photos:

But it was just so darn cold! I just couldn't stay outside, so I told him to:

Hehehe! Not that it made him, but still.

I rushed inside our building, by way of the garage and while hanging on to the grills, told him to hurry up or else I wouldn't open the garage door for him! But he took his time looking for interesting subjects, and I had to wait "patiently". Finally, he stole this shot...

And walked into the garage, laughing all the way as he fiddled with his camera. He then showed the photo he took of me and told me I looked like a gangster behind bars! Actually, I have to agree! I looked like a mean little toughie! Hahaha!

So anyway, being the fashion blog that this is, here's my gangsta outfit:

Hoodie: H&M
Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Whitney"
Scarf: Isabel Marant
Sweater: Topshop
Tank Top: Mango
Jacket: The North Face
Jeans: Grab
Sneakers: Converse (not seen)


Jillsabs said...

hahahaha! you're the cutest gangster tin!

i swear, walang matatakot sa yo:p

Conchita said...

girl, grab jeans look good on you! i never could wear mine that well... hehehe... love your jacket! cute color!

cd_mfo said...

Awww, thanks Jill and Cons! =)

The Bag Hag said...

WOW! You look sooo cute :) And dang it MUST be THAT cold! I've always wanted a jacket like that haha

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Mrs. Jackie T! =) Naku! It was super cold that day! Even the down jacket and layers of clothes weren't enough to keep me warm! Boohoo! Typically I feel really warm and toasty in my jacket, super worth it! But there are times I feel like I need to walk around with an electric blanket hahaha!

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