Friday, March 07, 2008

The New Old Navy

New stuff out at Old Navy now! All the safari inspired pieces are on sale (Belle, the rompers are now just $19.99, and Raissa! Those sandals you wanted are 50% off!) and have been replaced by lots of maxi dresses and racks of white shorts, tops and dresses! They also had these Kenneth Jay Lane-ish necklaces, bangles, cocktail rings and earrings! So perfect for lounging under palm trees as you bury your feet into the powdery white sand...And hey, not bad either for when you're running errands. Imagine yourself wearing these as you rush through the grocery store aisles! What a jumbled lovely mess! Old Navy, you really are surprising me! In a good way!

But has it come to this? That I have to seriously contemplate if I should buy a pair of sandals that only costs $16.50?

I really am trying my darn best to limit my shopping activities, so I make it a point to think long and hard before spending. Yes, even if it's a measly sum. Aren't you so proud of me? Heehee!


Anonymous said...

Please be advised that OLD NAVY in which is owned by GAP is engaging into child labor....that if you care!

raissa said...

wait..where is it 50%?? stores?? Boo the Old Navy near me ran out of my size for that platform sandals so I got it online and its now in transit! woohoo 4-7 business days!!

I love the gold/coral bangles.

Their clothes are really so pretty.

*bow* I admire your willpower and self-control. It would be hard for me. =) I would have gotten those same sandals but I told myself its the same as my Schu one that my sister gave me, so okay lang.

Eubelle said...

galing mo tin...self control hihihi.

i got mine na a week after i left a comment. but im gonna swing by the old navy here at northridge to see whats up ;)

my mom loves those thong slippers. i think i'll get her one for her bday this march. she had one before. i just hope she likes it coming from old navy. my mom is a designer freak.

thanks for the heads up.

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