Monday, March 24, 2008

Style SOS from Scuba Girl

OT (desperate for your advise): Help! I am working on a semi-casual, 90% boys, office environment (can’t wear denim jeans and shorts). I think my fashion style is getting on a down low! I usually wear slacks and knitted blouse. What else I can I wear? Any ideas you can share? Please I am super in need of your advise. I’m gonna go shop tomorrow so please help!!!!! – scuba girl

Thanks for your email Scuba Girl! First things first, you have to tell us where you work! 90% boys! Woohoo! I know a lot of single girls who'd kill for your job! Hehe! If not, care to let the girls know which industry you're in? =)

Second, semi-casual corporate attire! You are one lucky girl! Sounds like a dream job. I never liked wearing corporate. I'd rather spend on pretty flats and a great pair of jeans than buy something I never really want, but need. So least you don't have to buy corporate suits, decent ones cost an arm and a leg these days. Anyway, I'm rambling. Hehe! Ok, enough chitchat for me so I can cut to the chase!

If you're work dress code is semi-casual, I think we can turn to J. Crew for inspiration. Since they specialize on basics for preppies, I think the following looks I've collected can be the jump off point for picking out pieces you can wear to work. Because even if the company dress code says semi-casual, you still need to look polished and professional, and I think preppy basics will do the trick! Best of all, you can get J. Crew look-alikes from department stores and retail chains and local boutiques.

I highly recommend that you start with a good pair of pants, whether it be capris, chinos, trousers or wide legs, anything really as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. This is your foundation and from here, you can mix and match your top, shoes and accessories to create different looks...

As you can see in the following photos, capris can look professional with heels. You can pair it with a feminine top with just enough frills, a cardigan or a button down shirt...

I'm not entirely sure about your company's stand on tees, rugby shirts or boatneck tops for work, but I think it can be dressed for success when worn with heels and accessorized with just the right touch of feminine flair (i.e. double-strand beads, bangles or cuffs, or a colorful necklace)

If casual tops look too casual, you can put a cropped jacket, or a short-sleeved sweater over it! (Even with long sleeved tees! I think the contrast would make it even more interesting.)

Then again, you can always wear a standard button down shirt, but choose a couple in pretty shades of pastel to make it more girl-y?

If wearing a skirt is not an issue, I really like this look, with or without the scarf...

I think working with basics and a bunch of boys can be fun fashion-wise, just try experimenting with color combinations and accessories to remind you that it's fun being a girl! =)

Hope this helps! Just let me know if you have other considerations and I will gladly work that into the equation!

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raissa said...

I LOVE..LOVE your suggestions. I have long wanted to start dressing up a bit for work but not too dressed up coz we are so casual. But I have been so casual with my jeans and flats and sneakers. boring na LOL Thanks for the suggestions. I love the sunkissed pants from GAP..I love the colors. Oh I like the last pic. I have an orange shirt that I didnt know what to do with it. Thanks!

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Raissa! Gap is on sale na! 40% I think! Time to stock up! Hehehe!

raissa said...

LOL I know! I am going to go check it out!

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