Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cuffed/Cropped Pleated Pants

I've been obsessing about these pants that Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim have been sending down their runways for the last and current seasons. When I saw a reasonably priced pair (read very cheap!) yesterday, I jumped right in and bought it! There goes my shopping ban!

S/S 2008 Alexander Wang

S/S 2008 Alexander Wang

S/S 2008 Phillip Lim

Fall 2007 3.1 Phillip Lim

I actually prefer it cuffed because it gives off that casual, slouchy feel. Good thing I'm not that tall, so the cropped pair I got can still be cuffed! Hahaha!

But the real funny thing is, pleated pants were long declared unflattering as it widens the hips. Hence the proliferation of flat fronts. Now its back with a vengeance! So for those who are looking for a similar pair but don't want to spend on a trend, I suggest you scrounge around your dad's closet or a second hand clothes shop and look for men's pleated pants. You can just shorten it and fold it a couple of times to get the same effect!

(Photo by Cecile Van Straten of Chuvaness)


tanya said...

While pleated pants may widen the hips, they actually afford you more room to hide your lower abdomen, especially if the pair has a high waist. I already bought two such pairs which I occasionally cuff on casual days :D

cd_mfo said...

Yes, I especially love it high waisted! Very comfy and perfect for the hot weather too =)

Maria said...

Post a pic of your purchase!

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