Friday, May 23, 2008

Style SOS: Classic Shades + Long Cardigan

Hi! Can you suggest sunglasses that are a must have? I'm actually more into classic type of sunglasses and I'm not into bold colors. I like something that could last for different seasons. Thank you.

- MM

Hi MM! When I think of classic sunnies, the first thing that pops into my head are Ray-Ban wayfarers and aviators . These styles have been around as far back as I can remember! Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's to Tom Cruise in Top Gun. From road trips with my parents in the 70's-80's to Chloe S., Sienna, Kate & Kirsten in gossip glossies now! I've been around a little over 30 years and while other sunglass labels have come and gone, Ray-Bans have always been a constant presence. Sure, Ray-Bans go from hot to passe to hot again, but if we look at its long term trend graph, these are blue chips baby!

If you find Ray-Bans too ubiquitous, as they are admittedly hot again these days, you might want to eschew designer sunglasses (Tom Ford, Chloe, etc) and instead go for cult sunglass labels ( as Giancinephile recommended) like Cutler & Gross, Linda Farrow Vintage, Oliver Goldsmith, and Oliver Peoples. They have a competitive advantage when it comes to eyewear and I can pretty much say that they make the sort of sunglasses that will make you look cool now, up until you become a grandma! =)

I also suggest you check out's Anatomy of a Classic: Sunglasses for more shapes, styles and labels that may suit your taste!

Hope this helps! =)


I just bought a long brown cardigan from Topshop at 50% off.

It sort of looks like this:

Can you give me fashionable ideas on what I can pair it with? :)

- Candy

Hi Candy! Long cardigans are very versatile! You've got a keeper there that's for sure! At 50% off, that's definitely a great buy!

I have a couple of long cardigans myself and I pretty much wear it with everything, be it shorts, jeans, leggings, and dresses! You can button it up, keep it loose, belt it, tuck it or just wrap it around your shoulders!

Here are a couple of looks that I love!

With shorts:

With a mini dress:

With jeans:

I love pairing long cardigans with long necklaces and lots of bangles for that free-sprited vibe that goes against the stigma of prissy WASP-y cashmere cardigans. I also like belting cardigans when I want to dress it up a little! Feel free to play with accessories until you find a look that is yours and yours alone!

For more tips on how to wear cardigans, check out a post I made sometime back here!


Anonymous said...

...sorry to intervene with the advice part but I do think a fab pair from Cutler & Gross and Linda Farrow Vintage could be nice options as these brands do a lot of vintage style sunglasses.

May I also add Oliver Goldsmith! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi! may i ask for advice on which designer bag you would recommend to a girl, if she plans to only splurge on 1 designer bag in her lifetime? i know there are so many bags out there, with different price ranges, but assuming you'll put all your eggs in one basket (well, because you aren't all that financially blessed to get more than 1), which one would you recommend? :)

- thw :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help MFO! :)


cd_mfo said...

Thanks for the tips Giancinephile!

Will make a post on that thw! =)

Anytime Candy! =)

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