Thursday, June 05, 2008

Style SOS: Comfortable Casual/Corporate Clothing

Hi Christine =)

I'm a 25 year old girl living in Manila working in production. I'm used to wearing jeans, tees and flippies or rubber shoes because of the nature of my work. Once in awhile I attend meetings with higher ops or with clients but most of the time I'm running around during shoots which explains my attire. I also commute to and from work.

Thing is, I know I need to expand my wardrobe. I have casual clothes for work or business attire clothes (slacks, blouses and heels) which dont translate for good production clothes. I need to find clothes that are in between. Do you have suggestions for outfits that can cross over for meetings (can be smart casual?) and shoots? They need to be comfortable enough to run around and commute in but presentable enough for meetings. The compromise I've been doing is bringing either another pair of shoes or another set of clothes and change which isn't practical.

Oh, I'm pretty slim but pear shaped....Hope you can help me out =) I know you're familiar with our hot/cold weather and together with your love for fashion I'm hoping you can help me out. =)


Hi Anna! So sorry for this super late post! But there's still lots of time to shop right?

Anyway, given your work in production, I thought of having no less than Sofia Coppola as our style inspiration. More than Marc Jacobs's muse, she is an accomplished director and actress! Whether she's behind the camera or out on the streets, she dresses up for comfort, but with an eye for style:

On the set of Lost in Translation

At an event

Vacationing in Paris

With the above images in mind, I've put together pieces that will go from the field to the boardroom in a snap!

Let's build your wardrobe with a foundation of cropped pants such as these...

I find cropped pants to be highly verstaile as they are very comfortable to wear, but can still look "office appropriate", especially when worn with button down shirts...

Some might argue that wearing button down shirts aren't as comfortable as tees, but trust me on this one, if they are made of cotton or linen, they will still look good even when rumpled! They also look more "presko" and I just love how it can go from the set to headquarters for meetings! Choose a dark color so that wrinkles and stains won't be as evident!

If you are not the type to wear button down shirts, then wear a knit cardigan over a tank top, t-shirt or a pretty blouse. It will still look presentable for meetings with the higher-ups!

You can then accessorize with flats (a Sofia Coppola wardrobe staple!), cuffs, bangles, and scarves (to protect you from sun & wind) for a chic look that still means business!

These are all pretty basic pieces that won't cost you an arm and a leg, and won't attract stares from your fellow commuters! Hope this helps! =)

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Anonymous said...

i am intrigued and eagerly looking forward to your post =)

Unknown said...

I like what you picked for this post.

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