Saturday, May 17, 2008

What to Pack When You're Going to NYC

Hi Manila Fashion Observer!

Help! I'll be in NY next week...please can you post some of your daily "what you are wearing" pics. Puhleez puhleez puhleez. I know its spring but since spring is pretty much the most unpredictable season, i just want to know what to pack and still look fashionable. Want to look fashionable like you!

Thanks thanks thanks!


Hi CAC! Heehee! Thanks! As much I enjoy documenting my outfits, I'm back home enjoying our surprisingly balmy tropical weather, so sadly, I have no Spring outfits to share! =(

But I'll share with you the articles of clothing I've been wearing the past couple of days while I was on the East Coast! Actually, you remind me of me, I also plan my outfits when I travel because I don't want to be a victim of poor wardrobe planning. Traveling should be fun and filled with good memories, and the last thing you want is to be hampered by uncomfortable clothes and shoes. So for me, the most important thing when traveling is to wear stuff you can really move in. But you also want to look stylin' in your tourist-y shots, so it has got to be a healthy mix of comfortable and stylish right? I am also a proponent of traveling light. Because, I'm pretty sure you'll be picking up a couple of pieces here and there and you simply have to have lots of room in your luggage for your "souvenirs"! ;)

Here are my top picks that I consider to be NYC Spring staples:

1. Jeans

You can't go wrong with jeans! Bring your best fitting pairs, maximum of 2 (one for flats one for heels!)! You can wear the former with Converse or Superga sneakers, a plain tee and a light cotton scarf as you make your way to Liberty Island via Ellis Island for your requisite shots with Lady Liberty. If you're lucky to get into Socialista, wear the latter and glam it up with a le smoking blazer, sparkly jewelry and sky high heels (cab rides necessary!)!

Spring calls for lighter hues be it in blue, grey or hey, white! But if you find dark washes more flattering, stick with it! Skinny jeans remain hot while wide legs are deemed a must have, whichever way, go with what works for you!

(Photo credit: J Brand Jeans)

2. Tees & Tanks

Bring a couple of tees and tanks for layering. As you said, Spring can be unpredictable. It can bring both showers and sunshine so these will definitely come in handy! You can always wear a tee over your tank when the weather starts to get a bit chilly. Together or alone, tanks & tees also serve as a solid base for scarves, vests, jackets, necklaces and other accessories!

3. Dresses

Spring calls for feminine dressing! Bare your legs with a short dress and gladiator sandals or go bourgeois boheme with a maxi dress and capri sandals!

Dresses are great for strolling in Central Park and not a bad thing to wear while window shopping or hanging out in cafes in Greenwich Village!

4. Cardigan/Light jacket or Blazer

It's always best to have a cardigan or jacket around in case of sudden drops in temperature! Cardigans can be rolled and stuffed into your bag, while light jackets can become added weight especially if the weather is extremely nice. Either way, just keep them handy! If you watch a play in the Theater District or at Loews near Madison Square Garden, you might find the A/C chilly!

Best if you check before you leave the house or your hotel! That's what Dear Hubby and I always do to make sure we are dressed appropriately for the weather! =)

5. Scarves

Scarves do not only keep you warm, they make the perfect accessories as well! Make sure you bring scarves made of cotton or jersey. Woolen scarves can get itchy in warmer weather.

(Photo credit: Garance Dore)

6. Flat Shoes

While Sex & The City romanticized walking around Manhattan in heels, I would have to say this is where reel and real won't ever meet. That is, unless one has a limo, a Town Car or even a yellow cab at their disposal! Savvy Manhattan commuters know that heels are for serious business (be it work or party), and flats and sneakers are for getting around the city!

Bring your comfiest ballet flats, sneakers or sandals because these are your friends! Even if you have invested $24 for a one week unlimited Metro Card (trust me, it's so worth it!) you will still end up walking around the city so unless you can live in towering heels - wear flats! I've seen lots of hapless tourists fall into the Sex & The City trap walking around in heels and I tell you, it's not a pretty sight. Women in heeled booties and platforms we see captured by the Sartorialist most likely work inside carpeted offices and don't have to pound the pavements of NYC cramming all the must-visit city sights in a couple of days or a few weeks.

Lastly, I leave you with this image from The Sartorialist which I feel captures the essence of dressing for Spring in the City!

Oh! And here's a tip! Since you're in New York, stock up on clothes, bags and shoes that are hard to find here in the Philippines (from H&M, UNIQLO, Muji, to Barneys, Bergdorfs and Bendels). You can then incorporate your NYC finds with the clothes and shoes you've packed to come up with more looks! Hope this helps! Have fun in New York CAC! =)


Anonymous said...

thank you thank you! cant wait for your answer. and most of all thanks for the great blog and for inspiring all of us to always be stylish!


P.S. I thought you were still in NYC, good to see that you came over to visit Manila. Saw your pepper lunch visit in chuvaness' blog. Looking great!

Anonymous said...

hi! can you suggest sunglasses that are must have? i'm actually more into classic type of sunglasses and i'm not into bold colors. i like something that could last for different seasons. thank you.


Vanessa said...

Aye aye with the spring selections, and cheers for the spot-on advice!

Fashion Trend Guide said...

What wonderful tips! Wearing flats in the city is very wise! I need to bookmark this post for when I take a trip to NYC!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post! Will definitely use your list as my checklist when I pack later. you really give the greatest advice!

much love,

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