Sunday, June 01, 2008

Style SOS: What to Wear to Fashion Week

Dear MFO,

I am attending my first Philippine Fashion Week ever in my entire life and I have no idea on what to wear! Can you help me out??? Thanks.

Love, Helga Coutura...

Super sorry for this delayed post Helga! Lots of things happening lately, especially since I'm here in Manila for a limited time and it has been a whirlwind of meetings and get-togethers! At the back of my mind, I know that I have posts waiting to be published and the OC in me just can't shake it off. Given the time frame of your query, I just have to do it now, finally! Before Philippine Fashion week draws to a close! To my dear readers, let me attend to this question first and I promise to edit & publish other Style SOS answers soon!

Ok, so here it goes Helga! Philippine Fashion Week's dress code is semi-formal. While that can mean anything these days, what matters is you are dressed comfortably! True, Fashion Week evokes images of glamour and flashing bulbs, but it also means having to elbow your way amongst throngs of Fashion Week habitues. It means sitting throughout all the shows (if you are the patient, eager type who wouldn't dare miss a thing lest you tap out on this week's breakthrough designer/silhouette or something) and having to deal with photographers asking you to get out of their way so they can get a better shot of a gown's intricate beading or somebody (they deem) camera-worthy. Then again, dressing up for Fashion Week requires you to put in a little effort, because while all the action is (supposedly) on the catwalk, we all know that fashion folks enjoy sizing up each other no?

Ahhh, so given this sort of challenge, what does one wear to Fashion Week? First, some basic ground rules:

1. Try to wear something from the designer whose show you are attending...
2. Have fun!

That being said, stay true to who you are and wear the sort of clothes you feel comfortable wearing! If you feel your best in dresses then by all means wear a dress! If you like wearing pants, then go ahead and wear pants (in this season's wide leg style or the pleated, tapered and folded sort that I like!)! No hard and fast rules here, as long as you look decent!

I've compiled a couple of looks from, my go to site for Fashion Week Style! Use it as an inspiration board and you definitely won't go wrong having Vogue editors, models and fashion executives point you to the right path!

When all else fails, wear everything in black! =)


Vanessa said...

So did you get to catch any shows on Phil. Fashion Week? What's the lowdown? :-)

cd_mfo said...

I wish I could have done runway reviews ala, but alas no such luck there! =)

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