Monday, June 23, 2008

Travel SOS: New Yorker Goes to Manila

Tin, I am in need of more advice. I am currently looking into booking my flight to the Philippines and wondered if you could suggest any travel agents? Also what airline do you prefer to fly to the Philippines. In the past I have booked Korean Air through RTA and have also flown Singapore Air as well through another booking agent in Chinatown. Feedback is greatly appreciated!


Hi RZ! I try to fly Cathay Pacific as much as possible because I have Marco Polo Club membership (air miles you know, hehehe) and I have always been happy flying with CX. My In-laws fly with Japan Airlines and I hear it is quite good too! My parents take Singapore Airlines, and I've tried it once flying from Manila to JFK. Yet, while their planes are new and the service was excellent, the trip was too long because it was transatlantic. So I highly recommend that you fly Cathay Pacific. Their flights always arrive on time and well, I love their in-flight movies hehehe!

For this trip, Dear Hubby and I booked our flights through Cathay Pacific online booking because it is so much cheaper! If you have relatives picking you up in the airport anyway, or you can arrange a car service with your hotel, there's really no need to go through a travel agent! Just make sure that you don't have to change your flight schedule after booking it, because they have a $100 fee for moving flights! Other than that, booking directly with the airline is so quick and hassle free! Plus the savings in eliminating the travel agent is quite a draw too! =)

Oh, and my husband has also booked flights through Orbitz before and it worked out pretty well! I've heard of Expedia too, but don't know anyone who has tried it! But if you ask me, I really would go for Cathay Pacific online booking! =)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Tin!! This is extremely helpful as always. You are the second person who has highly recommended Cathay Pacific. I will look into it :D I hope you are enjoying your stay with you family. I look forward to more of your updates. You photos have been so breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Fly CX... it's the best choice!

Anonymous said...

I love Cathay. I heard their new planes are even better...but I'm taking Thai Airlines for my next trip so I can stop in Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

Orbitz offer cheaper tkts than expedia..and from time to time they offer sale seats too.Cheaptkts got nice offers, also. But remember, No no no cancellations, or else, youll end up paying a lot more.


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