Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stiletto Shenanigans

Dear Hubby sent me an article from the ABA Law Journal headlined "UK Court Awards Woman $14K for Broken Heel"

I bet you she will buy more shoes with the money! ;)

Read all about it here!

Talk about "No Pain, No Gain!"

On the subject of pain, what do you think of these Louboutins for Rodarte?

Now these are Bad Ass heels! Shoe fetishists will so love these!

(Photos from by way of


Unknown said...

Funny thing is, I actually need to keep this article for future reference at work. Totoo!

Now, no one's going to think of mugging you in those shoes. Kakatakot!

david santos said...

Happy day.

raissa said...

those are some scary shoes. Knittymommy is right, I dont think anyone will think of mugging you in these. hmm this will come handy commuting in Manila =D it would be so useful "hurting" those who try to take advantage of you while on the MRT or LRT. LOL

Vanessa said...

These - oddly - made me think of the clear plastic heel protectors being sold in the US, that you can slip over the tip of your heels so the expensive shoes won't get damaged on escalators, carpets, or by vigorous walking.

That said, it's hard not to associate these shoes with pain. Outside of the photo shoots, I don't think they've got practical application. (Oh, besides the 'hooking arts', again. ;-) They look like they'll send you to a lifetime at the podiatrist's!

cd_mfo said...

Haha! Galing naman mieke!

Heehee, I can imagine the curious, if not wary stares of fellow commuters when they see you ride the train wearing these raissa!

My thoughts exactly vanessa!

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