Monday, August 25, 2008

Style SOS: What to Wear to a Morning Wedding?

Dear MFO,

Congratulations on your wedding. I saw some of your pics in Nelwin Uy’s blog. Just fantastic.

Anyway, just a fashion question. I will be attending a wedding in Manila in 2 weeks time (Im based in Singapore). The invitation said: Formal/Black Tie. The time is 10 AM. My cousins will be coming in long gowns aka Oscar’s red carpet style. I’m a bit confused with what to wear: Shouldn’t long gowns be for the evenings only? Can I wear a knee length dress? Do you have suggestions? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

888 Guest

Hi 888 Guest! Thanks so much! We were very happy too with how our wedding pictures turned out! =)

Regarding your dress dilemma, I would have to agree with you, I think a knee length dress for morning is more tasteful! But you may go long too as long your dress is made of light fabric like silk, chiffon, organza or jersey! The reason being, these fabrics don't look ridiculous in the daytime. Slinky satin, shiny taffeta or a sequined dress isn't exactly considered the height of elegance in day wear. Here are a couple of daytime wedding dresses courtesy of!

Hope this helps! =)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes a knee length dress is worn on the wedding, but a longer gown for the dinner time reception.

raissa said...

LOL this is deja vu for me. I think it was almost the same time last year that I asked about the same thing. I wore an olive green knee length dress for the morning/formal wedding of a friend of mine and it worked well. It was perfect for the summer weather of NYC too.

raissa said...

Oh forgot to add..Thanks so much for pulling me out of that dilemma =)It really helped a lot

bestie said...

i'd say a knee-length dress can just be as classy as a 'red carpet gown', and definitely more practical especially with the kind of climate we have here.. as long as you pick out the right one (which is ultimately the dilemma, come to think of it).

oh, nelwin uy did the photography of my cousin's wedding last december, too!

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