Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping SOS: Cold Weather Gear in Manila!


Can you tell me where I can buy opaque tights and boots here in Manila? I'm going for a long trip to a cold country for 6 mos! Thanks!

- Candie

Hi Candie! You'd be surprised, there are plenty of places to shop for opaque tights (although sheer tights are making a comeback this fall too!) in Manila! One time, we had a school trip to Shanghai and Hongkong, which we belatedly realized fell right smack in the dead of winter! My friends and I found ourselves unearthing our old scarves and coats, and scrambling for tights. Guess we got our tights? The socks and stockings section of Landmark Department Store! I think the brand I got was Lady President! Luckily, there's more than just one place to go to for winter gear. I've compiled a list of places where you will definitely find what you need:

- Landmark
- SM Department Store
- Robinsons Department Store
- Greenhills tiangge & Karl Edwards Bazaar (I got a pair of really thick grey winter tights for less than Php200 here!)
- Marks & Spencer (get at least 60 denier, oh and they sell thermals as well!)
- Debenhams

Although I would suggest that you just buy a few and get the rest in the country where you are going to since for sure, they have more selections to choose from! You might end up wanting colored, textured or printed tights and you don't want to be stuck with several pairs from home that you won't end up using! For instance, once you step foot inside H&M, you'd find yourself wanting to buy tights of all colors! In general, my parents often tell us kids, when it comes to shopping for cold weather gear, it's best that you do it in the place where you'll be staying. Just have enough to keep you warm, but the rest you can shop for as soon as you can! That way, you have plenty of room in your luggage for essentials like sinigang mix, polvoron and sampaloc (comfort food when you are far away from home, trust me!). My friends who live or have lived abroad often end up discarding the stuff they bought from Manila because once they see the options available to them, they easily find something way better than what they already have!

As for boots, I know that local shoe stores like Janylin sell boots as well, but I cannot guarantee if these are comfortable. Check out Zara and Mango I suppose, but also remember that you can just bring a normal pair of leather shoes (oxfords or hey, even Doc Martens from before) and just buy your boots when you get to your destination! More often than not, you'll have plenty of choices and prices could be way cheaper too! Best of all, you get to buy your tights and boots with an idea of how the locals dress, and it's up to you if you want to adapt or stand out!

Manila folks, if you know of any places to get cold weather gear, help us out please! =)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your help! :)

Anonymous said...

Marks & Spencer and Debenhams have lots of gear for cold weather, i got mine there late last year. They even have sets :) If you're buying from those two stores, you'll spend more than you would in other shops but you'll surely get quality items that would last.

Also, try Zara. they also have nice tights and boots.

and oh.. try Rustan's too for your tights.

I hope I was able to help. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with MFO. Buy a few quality items in Manila, but definitely buy the more important pieces, like the boots in the place you're going to. They will certainly be more appropriate for the kind of weather they have there.

This is making me look forward to updating my cold weather wardrobe. For us here in the East Coast, that is a mere 3 months away.

Anonymous said...

I bought my boots sa Zara..If you are looking for other cold weather gear aside from boots and tights try to go at WinterHouse in Leveriza or GDT at Goldcrest Glorietta. I also heard there are some shops at cash and carry too that sells winter clothes. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I was actually able to buy a really good pair of opaque tights at Landmark of all places. Hehe. You were right! There was a good collection there. I also found a pair of ankle boots at Schu in Glorietta.

I'm planning to buy my knee length boots abroad. Thanks again!

bestie said...

marks & spencer does have lots of winter gear. their thermal items are my favorite.(:

but for other pieces of clothing (including boots!) i find that ukay-ukays are the best place to shop. i agree with what you said, about only taking a few essential pieces bought in manila and stocking up on the rest in the other country. so i tend to scour the infamous dingy ukay-ukays in manila to find some basic winter things.(:

also, opaque tights are everywhere nowadays, even in little boutiques in malls and places like greenhills or serendra..(:

Anonymous said...

you can try to buy boots at the linea italia stores =) as per coats, there's a stall in greenhills near the jewelery area and the store jewels that sell really nice coats and trenches =)

cd_mfo said...

A tip from Maria! =)

Hi, I hope i can help you guys...we have a shop at Cartimar shopping center in pasay its between LRT libertad and buendia station we have trench coat,gloves, bonnets, scarfs, even thermal wear this are all brand new at very convenient price.our store was featured in Mel n joey last dec 2.just come and visit us, our store is open from 9am to 8pm tel # 8312277 WINTERHOUSE hope we can help you....thanks

Maria Cecilia Acoymo-Habana

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