Sunday, August 24, 2008

Style SOS: It's About Time

Hi i need a watch SOS too... TAG aquaracer - the one with diamonds even on the bezel, a Cartier Santos or Omega Constellation with diamond dial? Hope you can help. Thanks

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

Cartier Santos

Omega Constellation

Personally, I would have to agree with Debbie and Anon. I like the classic appeal of the Cartier Santos and no amount of diamonds on an Omega or a Tag Heuer can equal its timeless elegance. But if you really do have a weakness for bling blings, then go for the Omega Constellation, because it looks more feminine and timeless than the Tag Heuer Aquaracer.

But that's just our opinion. Not surprisingly though, during these recessionary times, even's Candy Pratts Price has been advocating a return to the classics and it just makes perfect sense. I say, stick to the classics because you always get more bang for your buck that way! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dear MFO,

Congratulations on turning 2! I wish you more years of guiding women like me towards the art of fashion.

Need your help. I waited this long to get my first LV bag. I'm preparing to buy it in HK since a whole lot cheaper there than here in the PI since we have luxury tax.

I would like to ask your help on the best style for me. I'm 37, working in marketing, mostly into black, greys and brown.

I shun away from mainstream styles but I want a functional one I can love and be proud of without being to loud.

Please help! Thanks in advance

LV dreamer

Anonymous said...

My friend JJ actually has that Omega and she also has the bigger one. Her bigger one is about the same price as my Cartier Roadster. She loves hers because of the shiny diamonds. I'm a little bit more sporty (and less falshy) so I prefer my Roadster. I know the Roadster is not on your, my vote goes to the Santos.

Anonymous said...

i want santos cartier mas sosyal

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