Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fringe Benefits

It pays to be a buyer. You get first dibs on the good stuff. I saw three different buyers at the trade shows, two of them Japanese, wearing these fringed over the knee boots from Gucci's Fall 2008 Collection! (Oh let me tell you about Japanese buyers! They are just so fab! These teeny-tiny girls in the highest heels, if not the fringe-iest boots, who look like they layered on the first five things they got their hands on, yet come across as if they thought about it the night before. Add to the fact they have these perfectly made-up faces and fantastic blowed-out hair, spend tens of thousands of dollars on one collection-among a hundred or so, yet giggle like shy school girls when they ask to take photos of the samples!)

My friend Lindsay wants these Gucci boots as her statement piece for Fall. Meanwhile, the only thing missing in this photo...

is my foot in it!!! Yeah, when it comes to shoes, I have a hard time letting go. I've wanted this for FW07 and ended up with the brown one. One year later, I still want a pair in black! Although, Dear Hubby says, with what's been going on in the financial markets, it just isn't prudent to be shopping at this time.

Let's see if "pump-priming the economy" sounds like a good excuse to him!

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