Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My NY Fashion Week SS 09 Experience: Part 2

Remember this post?

Well well well, guess who just went to the runway show of the designer of those Sophia dresses that I wanted so bad, oh about two years ago!!!

Me! Me! Me!

The good news is, I got assigned a seat at the front row! The bad news is, I got there soooo late, I had to settle for a back row seat!!! Bwahaha! Just my luck!

So anyway, yeah, one thing I learned about these runway shows, they never ever start on time. But if you happen to get in there too late, well, they never wait for you either, and will assign your seat to someone else! So goody for those who come in early, because you have better chances of getting someone else's seat!

Now on to my story!

So the show was scheduled to start at 2 PM last Sunday. I took my sweet time knowing that these shows, they take forever to start. Here's a photo of the building where it was held, but this was taken after the show, with the doors wide open...

Because when I first got there, as soon as I opened the door, alas! It was locked! So I tried another, and still it was locked! And just when I was about to walk away, I tried another door, and finally, it opened! Then a burly man in a black suit approached me, and I asked him if the show was over. I showed him my invite and he told me, it already started. Oops! Then another man, also in a black suit, led me to a seat at the back. Here's my view...

There's the end of the runway...

And here's the DJ booth...

Luckily, there was this sliver of space where I could get a glimpse of the model's outfit...

And I loved what I saw! Very wearable pieces, pretty without being sugary, and with that contemporary downtown vibe, that is so very Vanessa Barrantes! But I must say, it's her Sophia dress from way back that still haunts me in my dreams! If only it weren't $200 arrgghh!

Oh, and there was a bit of reality TV star sighting too, courtesy of Lisa from America's Next Top Model Cycle 9, who walked the VB runway!

After a couple more models, (I just missed half of the show), the models went out again for their finale, and Vanessa took her bow!

And if you ask me if those mythical Fashion Week goody bags are true, well they still very much exist, courtesy of the sponsors!

And I'm loving the gift coupon best of all!

Lovely Sophia dress, it may have taken me two years, but what matters is, you will finally be MINE!


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is off topic. I just like to ask for tips how can I dress for work? im a bit heavy in the upper part of the body. hehe. i work an 8-5 work in the cbd of the phils. i'll try to add more info about me... hope you could help me style myself. thanks.

cd_mfo said...

Sure! Do you have a dress code at work too? More details will help! =)

Anonymous said...


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