Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh Derian!

In my dreams, our home is filled with paintings, fresh flowers, antique furniture from around the world mixed with contemporary pieces, such as odd bits like Philippe Starck Ghost chairs, and lots of of interesting knick knacks strewn about. And when I mean knick knacks, I mean silver frames and crystals, mishmashed with John Derian decoupage glassware - plates, platters, paperweights, coasters, lamps, bowls, bell jars, urns and vases!

Thing is, my real life budget at this point can't accommodate a house full of John Derian pieces. But just when I was getting bored with Target's Go International line, they get John Derian on board to design stationery and decorative home pieces! Target, I have to say, you know how to keep things fresh!!!

Here's what's on my shopping list!

and Bird trays
Butterfly Paperweight

These will do while I save up for the real deal! Heehee!

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