Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shopping SOS: Seamless Style

Hi Ms. Tin,

I need your help. I bought a dress for a wedding and I don't know what I should wear under to hide the bulges and my panty line! HELP!

Ms. P

There is only one person who can save you Ms. P! It's Sara Blakely! She's the smart and savvy entrepreneur behind the popular body shapers from Spanx and Assets (the more affordable yet equally effective line)!

While both lines carry slimming shapers that will smoothen out bulges and eliminate panty lines, I would suggest that you go for either the Assets Sensational Shaper, Unbelievable Underwear or Fantastic Firmers Mid-thigh Shaper. Why? Simply because the Assets line is cheaper, and well, comes from the same designer anyway.

Sensational Shapers minimize your waistline and improve your rear view. It's a "high-waisted mid-thigh shaper that comfortably smoothes the midriff, tummy, thighs, and rear for a sensationally smooth figure with curves in all the right places". Its patented no leg band design is invisible under clothing; so you can actually wear it every day as underwear under skirts or dresses!

If you want to "improve your "bottom line", you can do so with Unbelievable Underwear Mid-thigh Shapers. You can comfortably shape, smoothen and firm your tummy, hips, thighs and rear and at the same time lose the look of unsightly panty lines… As the Assets marketing folks say, "The only thing you’ll see in your rear view is an unbelievable you!"

Fantastic Firmers' uniquely designed inner lining visually firms your tummy, thighs and rear, providing the best control where you need it most. The silky fabric and flat edges keep you looking sleek while the bonded legband prevents thigh bulge.

Now if you are wearing something sheer and chiffon-y, or tight fitting ala Herve Leger bandage dresses, the Hide & Sleek Full Slip from Spanx is your best bet. "It is made of comfortable, slick fabric that won't cling to your clothes."

If it's a strapless dress we're talking about, then the Hide & Sleek Strapless Full Slip is what you need. "The double-layer top offers light support giving you the option of going braless and the light compression smoothes and firms through the mid-thigh."

In the Philippines, if I am not mistaken, Spanx is available in Rustans. Assets is available by pre-order through Shopspot (to borrow from Mrs, Jackie T, shameless plugging! Haha!). Hope this helps Ms. P!


Vanessa said...

Now this is good to know! Such a public service, CD!

Anonymous said...

thats CD!

Ms. P.

Melo said...

This is helpful. Thanks!

Marian said...

great advice and post honey.What a great blog! Keep the stylish posts coming honey

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