Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still Coco Loco

When I first wrote about this over a year ago, I just couldn't contain my excitement!

Now I know what a teaser really means with the movie's official poster released for all to see!

Aaarrgghhh! I'm going crazy with anticipation! I watched the Lifetime Movie Channel's Coco biopic starring Shirley MacLaine and while it wasn't exactly the most consistent, character wise (uhm, young Coco spoke with a French accent while the mature Coco spoke with an American accent?!), I have to say I was drawn and captivated by her story! Coco may not be the most likeable person, but she truly was ahead of her time!

I want to see more of the young Coco to understand how she became who she was! While books have explained time and again her life story, I'm a visual person and I've got to see it to really sink it in. Plus, I can't deny I'm itching to see the fashion and styling in the Anne Fontaine movie!


celine said...

Omigod I got chills!!! So excited to see this! We HAVE to watch this together k??

cd_mfo said...

We HAVE to Cel!!! I'm so excited!!!

Anonymous said...

i've seen the lifetime movie twice. i think her life as a young coco was more interesting.

cd_mfo said...

Oh yeah! The lonely childhood, the lovers, the controversies!

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