Thursday, October 30, 2008

Olay Regenerist Pre-Sale

Filipinas got a sneak preview of Olay’s premium anti-ageing line through the recently held Olay Regenerist One-Day Pre-Sale last October 18, 2008 and it looks like women can't wait for the November launch!

The highly anticipated Pre-Sale had over a thousand women signing up for the Pre-Sale priority list when it opened only two weeks ago. And more lined up at SM and Watson’s for their first taste of the globally-awarded, breakthrough anti-ageing product.

Four Olay Regenerist products were available during the Pre-Sale: Regenerating Serum; Regenerating Cream, with SPF 15; Night Firming Cream; and Eye Lifting Serum, all priced at Php999.

The Pre-Sale certainly satisfied the curiosity of women who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Olay’s most premium line yet, which included not only beauty-philes who were curious about this well reviewed product line but even women who’ve heard about Olay Regenerist via their relatives or friends abroad.

“Actually, Regenerist already has quite a following here in the Philippines,” said Gloria Nieto, the Country Marketing Manager of Procter & Gamble, makers of Olay. “Filipina women who have experienced it from their trips in the United States, UK, China, Australia and Singapore love it and always ask their relatives and friends abroad to bring some home for them. So even before our November launch, there’s already been quite a bit of buzz so we wanted to cater to those women through this exclusive Pre-Sale.”

Olay Regenerist represents a revolution in anti-ageing as it utilizes the science behind laser treatments to give women dramatically younger-looking skin.

Laser anti-ageing treatments actually make use of the skin’s wound-healing ability to reduce lines and wrinkles. They deliberately create micro-wounds in the skin cells, triggering the production of amino-peptides, which instruct the skin to produce proteins like collagen and elastin that result in firmer, smoother skin.

Olay Regenerist contains an exclusive Amino-Peptide Complex that includes pal-KTTKS, an amino-peptide potent enough to stimulate the production of structural proteins and trigger a boost in collagen levels all by itself, thereby mimicking the effects of laser therapy. Together with Carnosine, a powerful amino-peptide antioxidant, and a potent combination of proven anti-ageing ingredients such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Allantoin, Pro-Vitamin B5, vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, Olay Regenerist can be a woman’s laserless anti-ageing solution

“For women who aren’t quite ready for clinical treatments, Olay Regenerist can be an option because it harnesses the same science of cell regeneration behind laser treatments to reduce lines and wrinkles. Imagine if you could have this power of laser at your fingertips.” explained Nieto.

Olay made its anti-ageing debut in the Philippines in 2006 when it introduced its anti-ageing line Total Effects, which helps fight 7 signs of skin ageing in just 1 bottle. This was followed by Olay White Radiance in 2007. Olay Brand Ambassadors, Miriam Quiambao for Total Effects and Isabelle Diaz-Daza for White Radiance, graced the Regenerist Pre-Sale, ushering in the newest addition to the Olay line-up.

“We are delighted with the people’s response to this one day Pre-Sale and we’re hoping for a similarly warm reception as we launch this in November. We will also reveal the new Olay ambassador, who will join Miriam and Isabelle in the Olay family,” said Nieto.

“This is a very exciting time for us – the brand has only been here for two years but being number one in the Philippines’ anti-ageing skin segment has allowed us to continually broaden our horizons, letting us help more and more Filipinas love the skin they’re in. What’s great about the launch of Olay Regenerist is that we will be able to reach a whole new group of women – women who are knowledgeable about their skin, who wants dramatic results and a complete and advanced anti-ageing regimen,” she added.

And for those who missed out on the Pre-Sale, watch out as Regenerist hits the shelves this November at major personal care stores, drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets nationwide.


Marian said...

great post honey! I am told that Olay is a great line in general for the skin. I am yet to try any of its products but i think i will now.The Pre sale looks like it went really well. I love events like that.Shame i was too far to attend ;o)
yes dear my hubby who is tanzanian was in Phillipines for a year.Over that year he attend Adventist University of the Phillipines.He said it was in Silang Cavite just outside Manila. He had a great time there. he unfortunately then had to leave for UK to continue his studies.
love your blog sugar!

Abing said...

Hi!!I'm a spanish girl but my mom is philippine, so I adore your culture, with your post I really feel like home!! just opened mine, so hope we keep in touch!!:-XXX

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