Monday, October 06, 2008

One More Reason to Shop in SoHo...

Comptoir des Cotonniers opened in 155 Spring Street late September!

It's no secret that I love French style, hence my predilection for French designers, French labels and anything French really!

So when I found out that Comptoir de Cotonniers opened recently, I dragged my friend Lindsay to their store! I just had to keep myself from buying the stuff that I liked - a long grey belted cardigan, a grey plaid coat, a short sleeved slouchy cardigan, and a military style button down shirt!

So very French, with that understated cool girl vibe, and cheaper than A.P.C too! What's not to love?!


Anonymous said...

i adore these clothes! manila needs more styling up and shops like these (despite the weather!!) we're getting fashionably late

hey i hope you dont mind if i reblog these photos to my site. it saves time capturing the pics from their site ;-)



cd_mfo said...

No prob miss muse! Feel free to use these photos! Thanks for asking =)

Cosmopolicious said...

as a frenchie i obviously adore comptoir des cotonniers... but most of all i admire their mother-daughter campaign. who didn't seek their first fashion inspiration from mommy's closet?!

Punchdrunk Panda said...


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Anonymous said...

have you been to eryn brinie? it's a nice store with affordable clothes. anyway, i love this store you posted! i will go there now.

cd_mfo said...

Yes! Their mother and daughter campaign! I think that's genius! I'm actually planning a post on that one as well cosmopolicious! =)

Yup grace! They just opened recently on Broadway in SoHo too! It's a Korean label and their price points are reasonable! We're you able to go to comptoir des cotonniers?

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