Saturday, October 04, 2008

Trendspotting: Pirate Chic! Over The Knee Boots + Skulls!

Over the knee boots as seen on Gucci's F/W 2008 runway show...

Over the knee boots as seen on Lindsay...

Here's a closer shot!

Oh! And check out her Diesel bag which never fails to get a lot of compliments anywhere she goes!

I've actually seen a couple more stylish ladies around Manhattan in their over the knee boots, and I think that this is a shoe that we're gonna see a lot of this season.

Another thing I'm seeing everywhere I go are skulls! Thankfully not the freaky kind! Alexander McQueen made a killing with his skull silk scarves and it looks like a lot of designers have picked up on this trend!

Let's play "I Spy" on this Marc by Marc Jacobs window display on Bleecker St. Do you see it?

Ok fine, here ya go!

This bag was on the window display of Olive & Bette's on Bleecker St. as well!

Totally unrelated, but this teeny tiny camera on the MJ window display caught my eye! Cute huh?


Vanessa said...

Hmm...just when I thought skulls had gone out of style! :-)

Anonymous said...

i love the green messenger bag!!!

Carlo Velasco said...

cool! what camera could that be? =)

cd_mfo said...

I think the skulls of "today" are cuter, not goth at all! Like your avatar Vanessa! Heehee!

It's cute no Ruby? But I think they just stuck the pins in there! Because they're selling the green bag in various colors plain, without the skulls, hehehe!

Hi Carlo! It's a Minox! Try to investigate for more details and clues by clicking on the photo, as it becomes larger! =)

dollygirl said...

it's a leica minox. i think it's 5 mp, but im not sure.

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