Friday, December 19, 2008

Chocolate schu Bar Now Open!

If you love shoes, then check out Chocolate schu Bar opening this weekend!

Consider Chocolate schu Bar as the high-end line of schu. Because Rockwell wanted a different concept, Ruby Gan thought of showcasing more of the "signature" line for this shop, thus the name. So yes, it has nothing to do with chocolate, but the shoes are just as delectable!

Think all-leather shoes - from fashion forward sandals to classic pumps and trendy booties! The line is more expensive than the schu we've come to love, but still less expensive than say, Aldo or Nine West.

Chocolate schu Bar is located at the 2/F of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, right beside Carbon.

1 comment:

raissa said...

I LOVE the shoe thats right in the middle. A confused shoe not sure if its a slipper or a boot. LOL cute. I will see if my sister will still be kind enough to add more to her xmas gift for me LOL

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