Monday, December 29, 2008

Root a Toot Toot for Rootote!

If there's one thing I've realized, one can never have too many tote bags the same way a girl can never have too many shoes! I have tons of tote bags that I received as gifts from friends, totes that served as goody bags from events, exhibitions or runway shows, and totes that I just buy for the heck of it because they're cute! And yes, I keep them all! Some are plain, some are printed, some are made of a thin cotton cloth, others made out of sturdy canvas, and there's always a tote bag to suit every occasion! Well fine, not formal occasions, but you get my drift.

I suppose I am not alone in my sentiments towards tote bags. Some have brought their passion for totes to an extreme. Enter Joni and her cousin who brought in ROOTOTE bags! When Joni bought 3 ROOTOTE bags in Japan over the summer, she loved them so much that she partnered with her cousin and decided to bring them to Manila! And it might as well gain a cult following in Manila the way it has in Japan, Australia, China, Singapore and Malaysia!

Unlike other totes where you'd have to spend a good hour or so looking for your stuff in its deepest recesses (ok fine, that's an exaggeration haha!), it has a convenient ROO-POCKET on the inner side! So you've got your stuff organized inside! Pretty neat actually!

ROOTOTE bags are priced from Php1250 to Php1550 and are available online through their Multiply site and at the following Bratpack stores - Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita and The Block.

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